Ausbildungsseminar C1

Would you like to participate in the first C1 training seminar in Spain to deepen your understanding of Schetinin’s holistic pedagogy and model?

Look at this link if you want to feel the Tekos school

If you are passionate about life and you like to learn in a caring transgenerational and multicultural environment, you are open to new challenges that push you to continue developing as a complete, intuitive BEING, capable of discerning what is best for you and for everyone, and you like to accompany processes of growth and personal and group development of people in your environment (family, work, associative…) THIS IS YOUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!

To register send us a mail to or call us +34 659109809

The programme practiced in the Tekos School, called the school of the third millennium, recognized by UNESCO as one of the best pedagogies and schools in the world, is a living example of how we can integrate and synchronize both hemispheres of the brain (the polarities, the masculine and the feminine…) to develop our potential, to be more centered, open to what the world wants from us and happy.

Through the training of mind, body and soul and techniques that you can apply in your daily life once you have lived this experience, you will favour the creation of an environment conducive to happy learning in your life and the lives of those around you. Inter generational, interdisciplinary and multicultural learning!

A great premiere in Spain!

Kontaktiere uns!

The event is finished.


26 Dec 2023 - 07 Jan 2024


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