Schul Jahr 2019/20


Dear families

We hope you are having a good autumn and life continues to bring you surprises.

We finally feel like communicating what's happening to us. After a couple of months of heavy "digestions" due to the news that we share below and search for creative solutions, we share with joy our Autumn program.








Pilot project of the School for the sustainable development of the planet around an eco-village in south Spain.

First of all, we are sorry to inform you that the start of this 2nd course of the GAIA Eco-Learning Community will be delayed until November 4th due to unforeseen events and problems arising from real estate speculation on the Costa del Sol.

The space where we were going to move in mid-September 10 families and 2 companions to grow up in ecovillage, was sold a little more than 1 month ago behind our backs without respecting the rental agreement with option to buy 4 years agreed with the owner.

Imagine what moment we are in: total restructuring, lawyers, search for an optimal place to live several families around the school, and so on.

The good news is, that the GAIA school in Estonia has offered us to start with the GAIA homeschooling program approved in their country NOW -for children between the ages of 6 and 16 - while we formalize the creation of a GAIA approved center in Spain, so this month we are with the enrollment understanding which are the needs of families to finalize the educational proposal. We appreciate that those interested contact us as soon as possible to plan together the proposal for mornings, extracurricular activities and family excursions.



While clarifying the ideal space to create a GAIA approved school/centre in Malaga and the eco-village around it, we have decided to make use of different ECO-SPACES where we collaborate as an association. An "Eco-space" is a space, it could be a centre, a farm or a project, where we find examples of Permaculture (ecological orchards, food forests, water retention, etc) and/or good practices related to social, economic-energy or environmental sustainability.

For the age group of 2 to 6 years we have the space of our child companion Tania, LA MANADA, in the Montes de Màlaga, and our farm in Almayate Alto. In addition we have the Vilago Hopi with 4 domes, theater and orchard near Velez-Malaga. You can see it in the photos. Other private properties are offered for activities.

For the group from 6 to 16 years old, besides Vilago Hopi of Velez and our space in Almayate, we have many proposals of spaces and private properties that open the doors to us to celebrate school days from Coin to Almuñecar. So, the idea is to start this 2nd year as "itinerant school" and continue with the methodological educational proposal GAIA- forest-school; counting on our 9-seater van and other vehicles of collaborators for the displacements.

We believe that in this way, our children will receive a very enriching education immersing themselves in different contexts of Permaculture, agroecology and healthy life.

If you are interested in knowing - or enriching with your skills - the educational proposal for this academic year 2019/20, form part of the tribal education group, offer your space for encounters or give us your time/support, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail at or by telephone at 659 10 98 09.

Thank you for sharing with the tribe

In the next few weeks we will be selecting the primary companions and volunteers. Welcome also people interested in learning about the new GAIA methodology.

...we continue walking and looking for the best place to grow and develop. Because, GAIA, our PACHA MAMA deserves it and needs us now more than ever.


To see the statutes click here...

The annual fee is 50 euros. As a sympathetic member you have the right to participate in the extracurricular activities, excursions and weekend activities that we organize and the whole family will be covered by civil liability insurance.

In addition, you can offer/participate in workshops we organize and receive membership discount; you can make inquiries and receive legal advice and support through the free education association ALE of which we are members; and a lot more advantages...


If you are interested in actively participating in the eco-learning community, please fill in this form: HERE

The monthly fee for families interested in participating in the proposed activities for mornings and weekends in our eco-educational space and being an active part of the Gaia Learning Eco-community will depend on the number of days you are interested in participating.

ATTENTION: Those who decide for this option will not have to pay the annual sympathetic membership fee of 50 euros, it is already included!

250 € (4 or 5 days/week)
200 € ( 3 days/week )
150 € (2 days/week, minimum participation for children under 6 years! and 1 or 2 days a week for children between 6 and 16 years!)

It is also possible to enroll in the Homeschooling program and come only  few days during the school year. If you are interested in participating in the activities less than 4 times a month, please call 659 10 98 09 for prices for individual days.



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