Open Door days Mai, June, July & August

Dear tribe

We are moving forward in the pioneering phase of the project and we are happy to be able to stop everything at least one weekend a month to welcome you in these Open Days after so many rains, meet the tribe that wants to approach the project and collaborate to sow seeds of change!!!

Participating in an open days event is the ideal step to get to know you and see the possibilities. We are still looking for co-creators, collaborators, lenders… of this project who want to put their gifts and talents and/or resources at the service of this ambitious project for the New Humanity. If you only have a few weeks and are interested in starting as a visitor or volunteer, please contact us for availability.

If you can’t come to the ones in May, June  and you want to advance in the process of getting closer to IKI-GAIA, don’t miss the last ones in the summer on July 6th and 7th or August ( 3th and 5)!

In IKI-GAIA we are super motivated after the Syntropic Agriculture Seminar to improve the course of the IKI-GAIA spring to take out branches and implement irrigation system by irrigation ditches (acareo) and planting emergents and intermediates in the syntrophic crop lines of the areas where we have already planted Permaculture gardens, fruit trees and pioneer trees!


The event is finished.


06 - 07 Jul 2024


10:00 - 21:00

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