Our vision is to create a sustainable, multicultural and intergenerational ecovillage in the subtropical area of Malaga based on the permaculture principles and the model of Anastasia, where every family has about 1 ha of land to create their own sacred space.

We want to create water retention landscapes and a centre for inspirational and active healing, which will form a healing biotope in the long run: An acupuncture point in the south of the Iberian peninsula, which will cooperate from its very beginning with mother nature in its mission to create abundance for all and reestablish the natural circle of water and counteract the desertification process


Thinking globally, acting locally: While using the permaculture networks and regional helping initiatives, we want to live in harmony with our values and serve as an inspirational centre and collaborate with our closest surrounding in order to co-create a greener and more sustainable future – for the future of the earth and the generations to come.

In the short run: Find a land with water, close to the natural park with a minimum size of around 50 ha, far away from conventional plantations, where we can start to care for Pacha Mama, planting seeds and generating abundance with the first 6 founding families with 7 children and other couples and older people, that are willing to dedicate their lives for this project.
So that slowly and at their own space, other people, who are following us with shining eyes, can become part of the project. Those people, who need to see, that the project is starting to flourish in order to be able to take the so long desired step. Those so needed settlers of the ecovillage.


Land Tenure & Community

We want to establish a cooperative of work and housing in order to avoid private properties, taxes and speculation and have the opportunity to create economy inside the community to meet the financial needs of everyone.

We will work on community building, conflict prevention and resolution with tools like non-violent communication, deep listening, contact improvisation, forum, taketina, talking circle, etc.

Land & Nature Stewardship

We will create water retention landscapes for rainwater harvesting and use agroforestry system and food forests in order to create alimentary abundance for the ecovillage and beyond. Using organic and bio-dynamic gardening is the key for a sustainable planet and healthy future generations.

Built Environment

By using Bio-construction and natural building techniques we want to create healthy living spaces and live in harmony with nature. All water will be recycled in the biotope and by using plant based purification systems. We will use dry toilets, compost & terra preta techniques to restore the soil life and re-fertilize the ground with biodynamic preparations from stone meal.

Through passive solar design we can create warm habitats in the cooler periods of the year and cool and shady spaces in the summertime.

Tools & Technology

We will use solar and water power to meet all the energy needs of the community. Warm water will also be provided through solar warm-water systems.

Tools and machines will be repaired or bought second-hand whenever possible.

Culture & Personal Development

We will provide spaces to facilitate the natural learning process for children and adults of all ages. Alternative learning philosophies (such as Waldorf, Montessori, Freinet, etc.) will be integrated upon needs and without dogma. We want to encourage children to develop their own interests freely and without strict plants in their own pace.

We offer workshops and seminars to share knowledge and enrichen the community with art and music, while celebrating life.

Health & Spiritual Well-Being

We want to live more sustainably in order to create a healthier and happier planet. Therefore we focus on health prevention with nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and other body and mind work approaches. If treatment of illness is needed, holistic and natural approaches will be preferred. The community has a vegetarian and vegan heart with raw food orientation and follows the ahimsa principles.

The creation of a natural birth centre is one of our big ambitions in order to give women the possibility to deliver the new being into a secure and peaceful place, full of love and grace.

Finances & Economics

We will establish a CSA (community supported agriculture), which will give people in the neighborhood the opportunity to buy fresh, local, organic produce at a reasonable price and support at the same time the maintenance and growth of the ecovillage.

We want to offer Wwoofing and workaway opportunities to people, in order to share our knowledge and receive help for ecological building projects and gardening.