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  • that the whole family is covered by our insurance on all activities;
  • you can participate in our consumer group at no extra cost;
  • you can offer organic products that you make or services in our consumer group;
  • you receive discounts on courses, workshops, organic markets, events, excursions; etc.
  • you can offer workshops or activities from our association,
  • you will receive internal newsletters every 4 months approx. on the evolution of the projects

In addition, you will be able to follow IKI-GAIA!

  • Receive our internal newsletters with information on the progress of the IKI-GAIA project.
  • Request to see our presentations
  • Request to take a private tour to get to know and feel the ecovillage farm.
  • Request to participate in online meetings
  • Request to participate in face-to-face events
  • Request an online or telephone appointment with promoters
  • Request to learn about the ecovillage participation models: as a collaborator, aspiring member or lender, etc.
    lender, etc.
  • Request to see the timeline of the project and the implementation of the different projects: the camping site, the
    the camping, the IKI-GAIA educational project, the edible forest and the self-sufficiency gardens self-sufficiency gardens, the bakery, the IKI-GAIA eco-shop and bar, the Permaculture Academy and the Music Academy, etc.IBAN : ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
    Beneficiary : Semilla Monte Alegre
    Concept: membership fee + email or full name

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