escuela del tercer milenio

Video about the school

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La llamada pedagogía Schetinin que se lleva aplicando en la famosa escuela de Tekos (Rusia) desde hace 30 años no sólo está considerada una de las mejores pedagogías del mundo , sino que también es un modelo holístico replicable que, gracias a Josef (fundador de ISKA), está cada vez más extendido en los países de habla alemana, y ahora gracias a la labor de Rakel, fundadora de IKI-GAIA, también en lengua castellana. ¿Te atreves a experimentar las bondades de esta maravillosa técnica que sin duda, te proporcionará más alegría y ligereza en tu vida y en la de los que te rodean?


🌸 The School promotes the enormous creative power revealed in every human being 🌺

Our children and the future of humanity deserve an educational model centered on BEING 💞 where they learn to see UNITY.

This school is not a preparation for "life" - the school is LIFE itself.  They live every moment they breathe.  The joy of creating real things and giving real help is the most rewarding thing.They do it all with the mission to reclaim our true essence and bring back to planet Earth the era of consciousness and peace....The students of this school grow up with a stable and beautiful personality, broadly educated, not only intellectually, but also with the heart. They are mentally, physically and spiritually developed beings. Children are responsible, cooperative, clear and firm about their ideals and goals, they acquire a personality that is perceived as part of the whole contributing to the betterment of humanity.

🌿 Do you know the school named in Anastasia's books?

You will certainly not find another place like it on earth where interpersonal relationships are so consciously and constantly worked on as the basis of life and the transmission of knowledge and wisdom. 🌍 On the slopes of the highest mountain in Europe, in a valley with glacier-fed springs, surrounded by ancient megaliths and natural power points, lies a school where the future of humanity is being forged.

Mikhail Petrovich SCHETININ

Desde hace 3 décadas, un visionario ruso, Mikhail Schetinin, ha estado rompiendo los puntos de vista, tanto tradicionales como "alternativos", sobre la educación, creando al mismo tiempo, el nuevo futuro de la humanidad.

El ser humano puede hacerlo todo. Nuestro propósito es la elevación del ser humano, actuar en armonía con la sociedad, un ser humano capaz de ver y analizar los fenómenos que le rodea y que pueda sentir su interconexión, percibir el mundo como un todo”.

"Es muy importante que los niños se sientan libres, vengan y vayan como quieran!! Aquí  no damos importancia a la edad, maestros y alumnos se mezclan. Rechazamos la idea de que alguien tiene que ser enseñado. Nuestra memoria ancestral colectiva tiene el conocimiento de las leyes del cosmos, así como de las técnicas para vivir en el espacio cósmico, por eso, rechazamos la idea de que hay algo que el alumno no sabe".

Schetinin developed a model school in harmony with Anastasia's Dream ☘️ (See Vladimir Megre's masterpiece)



The official mathematics curriculum that other children do in 10 years of schooling at Tekos they learn it all in 1 year. They also cover the entire high school curriculum in one year, and many of them acquire university degrees by the age of 17.

When they study, they don't worry about grades, but about how they will explain what they have learned to their peers and how they will be able to pass it on. That is the motivation they need to learn, because what they have learned, they will have to teach to future generations.

They have been entrusted with the principle of the learning process and place great importance on service to others. What they do learn very well is to understand the soul, aspirations and thoughts of other individuals. Mathematics in itself is not important, but as a process towards TRUTH.

...in the afternoon they always take an hour to reflect on the day and their relationships with each other and the world.


Their schedules are divided between cooking, carpentry, construction, painting frescoes on the walls…

🥗 They cook their own meals, do administrative tasks and write their own textbooks. They contemplate the meaning of the Universe and swim in mountain streams. They dance, draw, sing and pick strawberries in the surrounding fields...They master ancient folk crafts awakening their ancestral memory, which goes beyond any written history we now know; they work and write their own text books....

Girls choose not to wear mini-skirts, make-up or flashy jewelry. They are not interested in TV or video games.

In general they have hardly any teachers, only a few teachers of music, English, sewing... The boarding school is organized in groups of pupils where a mentor is in charge of 4 children younger than him to support them in everything and not allow them to fall behind in their studies.


The children and teenagers have designed, built and decorated their own campus. All the school facilities, including study spaces, an auditorium, administrative office, kitchen area, dining area, toilets, showers, flats and other facilities have been designed and built by the students.

All these construction works are full of delicacy and beauty and reflect the inner nature and talents of the students and the excellent quality of school activities. 


ISKA is a "happy learning space" where education is the central pillar, along with healing and community, and where transformation is allowed to emerge.

This energetic field that is created is where we are all allowed to unfold and step into our power. It is created through a lot of mindfulness, trust, enthusiasm, clear structures, humility, high vibration, awareness, self-discipline, respect, joy, willingness, ability to let go and work on detachment and being of service.

ISKA, thanks to Schetinin's impulses and techniques, has created a model that allows (or encourages) the power, gifts and talents of beings to flourish, promoting the development of the BEING in its fullest expression.

The model has the capacity to foster a new humanity and a new union.


Desde hace 3 décadas, un visionario ruso, Mikhail Schetinin, ha estado rompiendo los puntos de vista, tanto tradicionales como "alternativos", sobre la educación, creando al mismo tiempo, el nuevo futuro de la humanidad.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Thanks to Josef, the only person authorised by Shetinin to promote the pedagogy outside of Russia, and the hard work of the ISKA embaators, the pedagogy has been spreading more and more in German-speaking countries for almost 4 years now. For upcoming seminars in German-speaking countries, click here.


With the support of ISKA, cooperation partner Rakel is in the process of setting up a school project in IKI-GAIA by September 2023 and building a strong network in Spain together with like-minded people who are willing to try out this wonderful model.

Thanks to Rakel's association "Semilla Monte Alegre", since March this year also ISKA seminars are offered in Spanish speaking countries in her ecovillage IKI-GAIA. For the first time, the seminars are held in Spanish and in a total of 3 languages (also in English and German!!).

To see the upcoming seminars in Spain, click here.




We draw our strength from common strengths and encouragement, so that with an open heart we can shape change in these challenging times in a lively way.

To see the program of our seminars, please click here.

Seminar on Educational Research according to M. P. Schetinin

This seminar is ideal to get a first impression of M. P. Schetinin's pedagogy. The seminar allows you to experience exemplary practice sequences, to learn in small groups and to immerse yourself in the daily structure of this wonderful learning method.

We welcome everyone who would like to join us on the way to "happy learning" for themselves and for our children.

Multicultural Family Camps/Seminars according to M. P. Schetinin

Through this proposal, children of all generations are integrated into a natural and living structure based on Schetinin's pedagogy, in which a lot of joy of life is generated within families and between families.

Seminars for young people

Together we shape our days, from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed. We create new things in meaningful projects about nature. We make crafts, we cook, we dance, we sing, we carve, we play, we are creative, with and in nature. We immerse ourselves in moving conversations and share our diverse and insightful experiences.

In October, also in Spain with us!

Specialized seminars

These are seminars on specific topics that allow us to deepen our knowledge of certain subjects and trades (communication, carpentry, permaculture, raw vegan cooking, etc.), which are developed according to the structure of this pedagogy and constantly activate both hemispheres of the brain.

From the end of September/beginning of October, at IKI-GAIA we will also be organizing permaculture seminars according to this model for all generations!


IKI-GAIA is a regenerative and sustainable project that seeks sovereignty in all areas and reconnection with our individual, group and planetary ikigai or "meaning of life", so that all generations can once again live together and support each other in absolute harmony and cooperation with nature.

Rakel, founder of the ecovillage IKI-GAIA, is an anthropologist, journalist, expert in ecovillage design and education for sustainability and facilitator of processes aimed at accelerating the development of the New Humanity. Together with her partner Daniel, a Swiss expert in permaculture and water retention in landscapes, as well as a Jazz bass player and IT expert, Rakel has managed to bring to life this great vision to create the basis for a new Humanity.

To find out more about the ecovillage project visit the ecovillage section of our website and if you want to know more about our vision and our moment visit us at an open day, seminar... or participate in an online meeting. Check out the events section to see the options we offer.


At the beginning of September we will run the 2-week ISKA certified level 1 seminar (to which we offer a limited number of places to interested people) to deepen the knowledge of mathematics and biology and to initiate the whole school community in sync.

During the months of April, May and June we will hold 1-day introductory seminars in 3 languages in our ecovillage (Spanish, German and English). To see our event calendar click here. It is essential to have participated in a 1-day seminar in order to participate in a 2-week seminar.

Send us an email to semilla@semillamontealegre.org if you want to initiate contact. We invite you to participate in an online meeting and fill in this survey, so that we can send you the invitation link to the meeting and/or tell you more details about the next 1-day introductory seminars and face-to-face meetings where you can meet us (very limited places!).

If you are interested in joining an ecovillage project with these values, we invite you to read all the information we have published in the ecovillage section of our website to come with as much information as possible to our meeting. If you haven't read anything yet, you can start with this post.



Phone Number:
+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)



All of you who donate at least 50€ will be included in the list of supporters of the project so that you can be informed of important developments. In addition to all the advantages we offer to supporters. You can ask us also for more information about the characteristics of each model of participation.

We share with you the account of abundance enabled for the IKI-GAIA project in case you would like to contribute with a donation to contribute to this very first Phase

#bank account #sma

Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre
ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

Concept: donation IKI-GAIA + mail (so we can include you in the internal list and keep you informed)

Blessings to all those of you who have the WILL
to contribute to the CHANGE



We leave you the direct link to subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in following the progress of our Permaculture projects, educational project, IKI-GAIA ecovillage, training programme and events.




If you feel that this is what your heart is looking for, it is your moment to take the step to create what you believe and live in a tribe in an ecovillage of children and beings committed to their role of being referents and willing to do individual and group work, or, you are preparing to take the step to join a project like this in the coming years, we invite you to become a member of our association by clicking here and ask us by mail for more confidential information about the project, so we can start the process of rapprochement on both sides 😉

Donations of all kinds, with best wishes for prosperity and blessings, are most welcome to continue moving forward with the materialisation of this replicable model that will soon be able to serve, as envisioned in the vision, all those who need it in this transitory phase we live in where it is necessary to surf the waves while the civilisational collapse is bottoming out, and a new humanity and a new paradigm emerge with strength and light.



We are sharing with you in premiere extended information about the events and some news while we are preparing the newsletter in 4 languages 😉

We know that many of you have not yet been able to participate in any of the ONLINE meetings that we have opened since Christmas and that you are trying to do it in one of the following dates that are left this month.


Below, we remind you of the remaining dates in February and give you a preview of the new dates that we have opened in March.

We look forward to seeing you at the different dates depending on your language!



FEBRUARY: 25th to 27th February

MARCH: Still to be scheduled




ENGLISH: 13th of February from 19 to 20:30h

FRENCH: 20th of February from 18 to 19:30h

SPANISH: 20th of February from 20 to 21:30h


INGLES: 6th Marzo

ALEMÁN:13th Marzo 6 p.m.

FRANCÉS: 20th Marzo 6 p.m

ESPAÑOL: 27th Marzo 8 p.m.


We have created these 2 formats (online and in person) in order to get to know each other and the possible synergies that may arise after these more intimate meetings with those of you who resonate with our project and our moment.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have already scheduled February's monthly intimate online meeting for this Sunday 13rd from 8pm to 9pm to deepen our knowledge and collaborations with those of you who are already sympathetic members (you have taken step 2 of our process of getting to know each other).

In March it will be on 13ten.

In the intimate meetings you are the protagonists. We will be happy to dedicate space to listen to your feelings and concerns about the project and we will try to answer your questions as best we can.


If you are a member of our association, we invite you to send us your questions before the meeting so that we can prepare some additional material that may help you to understand some aspects.


Every month we open our space and hearts to those of you who are moving forward in your process of following the call to join an ecovillage project and resonate with our proposal, so that you can get to know a large part of the founding core group and the wonderful place of the Healing Biotope and its key projects.

FEBRUARY: from the 25th to the 27th of  February

MARCH:  to schedule

To participate in our intimate cohabitation meetings, it is indispensable to have taken step 2 of our Approaching process and to have read the extended information that we share with the members. Very limited vacancies!



Due to the amount of requests we are receiving from people who want to do the approaching with us taking advantage of a training, we have decided to make a gap in our busy schedule (due to the process of growing to ecovillage 😉 we are not focused on trainings right now). It will be next Saturday 12th February.

At the same time that we can get to know each other better, in this Permaculture course you will have the opportunity to see and learn about the advantages of Permaculture and its tangible results in one of the farms that we have been coordinating for years in Macharaviaya (Málaga)

For more information about the course see the following link


We return to give focus and structure to the extra-curricular activities 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with enriching and very original learning proposals for our kids and their families. Always in the afternoons from 15h to 20h/20h30h.



We return to accompany the little ones in an environment of musical and sustainable learning.

On Mondays the music classes (piano, double bass...) and the school organic garden will be guided and accompanied by the great jazz double bass player and renowned Swiss permaculturist Daniel Stocker.

More information about our proposal  here


Led by Cristina Sosa, a yoga teacher trained in France and specialised in the transmission of Yoga adapted to the world of children.

We inaugurate yoga workshops in tribe once a month. Yoga in family, accompanies us to share in a positive, creative and loving form. Where play and compassionate attention are our guides. The sessions are made up of exercises of concentration, attention, balance, breathing through duo practices. At the end of the session, we return to calm, centre ourselves and share our feelings.


After a short break, we are excited to inform you that we have started  with this venture that promotes multicultural and intergenerational exchange, while we value our environment, culture and customs of the hand of Rakel Dominguez (anthropologist, permaculture, sustainability educator, manager of the Gaia Learning community and main promoter of the ecovillage IKI-GAIA).

Would you like to know more about the new educational project of IKI-GAIA from its promoter?

If so, great, because we have started the period this new year with the Friday afternoon excursions from 15h to 20h open to families who want to get to know us or complement the educational proposal of their children in the open air and learning about sustainability.

The next excursion of our educational project where you can join us and learn more about the IKI-GAIA educational cooperative project that is being developed will be next Friday afternoon, 11 February in Maro.

Don't miss the GAIA-SLOW promotional excursion next February 18th to a wonderful corner of the Axarquia. There are only a few places left!

An ideal opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere in nature and see what synergies are taking place!

To know more about our Gaia Slow tours please you  read  the following post 

We wish you a wonderful week in alignment with your individual, group and planetary ikigai.

Hugs and blessings for being part of the change




Closing contracts, last days to benefit from the 20% founder's discount bonus


It has been 15 months of great effort and full dedication since we made the call to find the guardians of the IKI-GAIA vision that has been 8 years in the making from our Association Semilla Monte Alegre.
To consolidate a group of pioneers with economic and emotional stability ready to take the step and continue with our monthly meetings and great common dream in the middel of this systemic crisis we are going through, has been an adventure full of learnings !

WE ALREADY WANT TO THANK YOU FROM THE HEART, for having approached and resonated with our proposal, even if you only formed part of our process in a meeting or a call.

Like everything in these moments, it can be overwhelming, but we feel that we have enough RESOURCES, CONFIDENCE, and enough economy gathered NOW!!! and above all, with a wonderful and sincronized IKI-GAIA SEED GROUP!!! Strong and determined to bet on co-creating this Healing Biotope in Malaga. An opportunity for our chikis and all generations where care for GAIA, life and relationships are back at the center.


We want to start 2022 creating the foundations that encourage the entry and participation of more beings that are approaching and all those who want to join us to create our parallel reality in the near future. An opportunity for our kids and all the generations where the care of GAIA, of life and relationships will again be at the center.

For this, we would like to hear from you, to know what your current moment is, how you imagine your approach with us, and above all, what you can collaborate with it now if NOW IS YOUR MOMENT.
…every little grain adds up to the great CAUSE


We would like to invite you to an intimate online meeting and introduce you to the new models of participation that we have been fine-tuning this last month, detailing all the variables and casuistry that may arise, as well as the timeline of IKI-GAIA so that you can assess your involvement and project yourself in this great communal dream WHICH ALREADY HAS SOLID FOUNDATIONS.

We have 6 different types of contracts to welcome all the profiles and to guarantee your rights and your reimbursement in case you want to leave.

If you would like to know more we invite you to fill in our questionnaire to start the process.



Send us an  email to semilla@semillamontealegre.org and fill this questionarie if you can participate in any of the meetings so that we can send you the invitation link to the meeting or tell you more details about the meeting face-to-face (very limited vacancies!!).

We would be grateful if you could share with us how is your present moment, as well as your doubts and concerns so that we can answer them privately or in the meetings.

We invite you to read all the information we have published in the ecovillage section of our website to come with as much information as possible to our meeting. If you haven't read anything yet, you can start with this post.


Just one step away from closing the purchase agreement, we remind you that if you confirm your participation as a collaborator or AME (aspiring stable member) of the project, you will benefit from a 20% discount on the established fees and you will enjoy all the advantages that IKI-GAIA founders acquire. Ask us for more information to find out about them.


We would like to use this internal communication to let you know that we are working on the launch of the first open crowdfunding to cover the minimum investments that the project needs in this Phase I to take off with force, and that we have calculated in 300,000 €: reforms of some infrastructures of the farmhouse that allow us to have larger communal rooms for the educational project and the Music Academy, tanks to store the water of the fountain, implementation of the food forest, earthworks to prepare the space where we will install the first caravans, etc.

From the IKI-GAIA motor group we feel that we can reach at least 225.000€ of the 300.000€ we need with your help. On the one hand, we would like that this first economic impulse that we need arrives blessed from this closest circle, with money coming from your hands. And on the other hand, we are aware that launching crowdfunding campaigns of more than 75.000€ are very difficult and there is a risk of having to return everything if it is not reached.

!!For us it would be wonderful to undertake the first investments with the economy gathered by our motor group and your trust before launching the more open campaign that we are preparing!!

To support us and/or take steps towards IKI-GAIA, you have the option to donate, or to contribute as a collaborator or lender of IKI-GAIA.

To make it easier for you to understand the options, we have created these simple cards that we invite you to take a look at here





+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)



All of you who donate at least 50€ will be included in the list of supporters of the project so that you can be informed of important developments. In addition to all the advantages we offer to supporters. You can ask us also for more information about the characteristics of each model of participation.

We share with you the account of abundance enabled for the IKI-GAIA project in case you would like to contribute with a donation to contribute to this very first Phase

#bank account #sma

Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

Concept: donation IKI-GAIA + mail (so we can include you in the internal list and keep you informed)

Blessings to all those of you who have the WILL
to contribute to the CHANGE



We leave you the direct link to subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in following the progress of our Permaculture projects, educational project, IKI-GAIA ecovillage, training programme and events.




If you feel that this is what your heart is looking for, it is your moment to take the step to create what you believe and live in a tribe in an ecovillage of children and beings committed to their role of being referents and willing to do individual and group work, or, you are preparing to take the step to join a project like this in the coming years, we invite you to become a member of our association by clicking here and ask us by mail for more confidential information about the project, so we can start the process of rapprochement on both sides 😉

Donaciones de todo tipo, con los mejores deseos de prosperidad y bendiciones son muy bienvenidas para seguir avanzando con la materialización de este modelo replicable que pronto podrá servir, como se contempla en la visión, a tod@ el que lo necesite en esta fase transitoria que vivimos donde hace falta surfear las olas mientras el colapso civilizatorio está tocando fondo, y una nueva humanidad y un nuevo paradigma emergen con fuerza y luz.



Semilla Monte Alegre participates with 2 stands at the fair where it will present the progress of the various projects it promotes, including the co-creation of a SanaAcción Biotope and a sustainable ecovillage in the Axarquia region of Malaga where they grow from a Gaia Learning Community to a school of life for all generations.


Semilla Monte Alegre will make 2 short presentations both days from 13:30 to 14:00 and from 17 to 17:30h on Saturday at the sales stand of the association. In addition you can learn about family massage with "Kansu Bowl".
We are waiting for you!


The Andalusian Fair of Agricultural Biodiversity (FABA) is the annual meeting of people and groups committed to local, traditional varieties and seed exchange in Andalusia.

It is an event open to the general public, free of charge, and for those people or groups interested in cultivated biodiversity in particular.


The FABA (ANDALUSIAN FAIR OF AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY) also aims to create a space where farmers can exchange seeds and share traditional knowledge associated with their management.
This annual event addresses the different aspects of the dynamic and community management of cultivated biodiversity.


It includes conferences, workshops, visits to the gardens in the Arboretum, exhibitions and exchange of seeds and products, round tables, tastings, book presentations, etc... To see the detailed program click on the following link.

Invitation to join and look at the proposal and implementation of IKI-GAIA


Are you interested in seeing our progress? Do you feel called to get to know us, collaborate, join an ecovillage, support us financially or "invest" as a loan? Do you have hij@s and would you like to find an educational project consistent with your values where you can participate in an educational cooperative? Do you want to know our activities planned for next year and assess if it can be your life project where you can also become professional?


Con la continuación del proyecto educativo Gaia iniciado hace 3 años en el nuevo espacio, nos aseguramos un mínimo de alumn@s y mapadres para crecer a cooperativa educativa en el nuevo espacio.


Calendario anual de cursos, seminarios y eventos que financien la puesta en marcha de las huertas de autosuficiencia, el bosque comenstible, la gestión del agua y las reformas que se irán acometiendo el primer año.


Con una buena cocina y un super horno de pan en el espacio ya hecho, cubriremos nuestras necesidades alimenticias y generaremos ecosinuestra desde el primer día creando marca..


A través de clases particulares de música (piano, guitarra, contrabajo, etc.), canto e improvisación, así como con talleres musicales para todas las edades iremos dando forma a la Academia de música y artes.


Ofreciendo alojamiento a miembros que quieran probar o pasar temporadas y a través de cursos de mas de 1 día de duración conseguiremos tener las habitaciones al 80% de ocupación todo el año.


Con la gradual entrada de nuevos miembros se podrá financiar la puesta en marcha del camping y lasreformas de las instalaciones existentes que posibilitarán ofrecer más alojamientos.


? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

!!!? OPENING CEREMONY ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????!!!?

?Join us today December 1st for our opening ceremony at 8pm.

?You will be able to meet the summit team, its program and participate in the ???? ??????? raffle and enjoy ??????????? way all the keynotes and bonuses.?

?We will have the wonderful presentation of ??????? ?????? ?who will sing live and delight with the inspiring message of his songs that sensitize and connect with life from a more emotional and affective❤️, message that shows that it is a vital time to change our way of inhabiting the earth because we have to be guardians of life for future generations. ??

?¡Remember! In the ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????, from the hand of 29 experts, you can learn the key tools that will facilitate this path back to the field.

?¡Enjoy it!
?From ? to ?th December

If you haven’t signed up yet, hurry up, there’s still time ?




A great opportunity to believe in your momentum and generate synergies!

? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

From Semilla Monte Alegre, where we are also part of the change and participate in this beautiful initiative, we encourage you to join the network and take a look at the

? summit back to the field:
reconnecting with nature, returning to ourselves.?

✨Let yourself be inspired by this virtual event in which we participate *29 experts and Wizards of Change who have already walked this path* and we will share with you the best knowledge, tools and tips to follow your ? , overcome possible blocks, follow the signs, find the synergies and *discover the step by step* that will lead you to fulfill your dream.

? *December 2 to 8*.
?totally free of charge

Click on the following link to sign up for free and win this great gift!

Write us if you want to know more about us by email to:

?Share so that more of us will be inspired to take steps to fulfill the dream of living in the countryside: https://go.hotmart.com/G62176499Y

Alternativas educativas en zonas rurales

We look forward to seeing you at this special event where you can learn about inspiring initiatives from Spain and South America that will confirm that your dream is possible.

Our Gaia Learning Community has been selected to share its experience in this international summit.  The return to the countryside is a process that, as we see, after the Pandemic is happening more consciously among large sectors of the population that yearn for a lifestyle more in harmony with their values, reconnection with Nature, peace and tranquility, and that, when we have children, we have considered more than once.

Many of us feel, as a result of becoming parents, that we have no choice but to be consistent with the lifestyle and values we want to instill in them.

Our children and great teachers help us to reconnect with the source and move mountains if necessary, to take the step. The union in this sense with initiatives and human beings in the same search that want to co-responsible for the education of their children and are aware of the role of referents that we have while we accompany them in this stage, is a guarantee of success and co-creation of the collective experience that we want to live and offer them.

Come and see how other initiatives are being organized

Un regalo para toda la vida!!

In this brief presentation you can see some impressions of our 3 years of journey covering educational and social needs of our children in tribe and community Gaia.

We are currently shaping an educational cooperative of mapadres (mothers and fathers) more focused on what we want with the intention of creating a free educational project that covers the entire period of compulsory schooling. In the great process of joining many of us to a holistic life project with a free school + ecovillage where we can share life projects in a place of our own.


¿Te resuena? ¿te animas a conocernos?

And you? will you join or move close to where the new educational project that is being developed these months will be located to start in 2023 in a space without limits to development, creativity and individual and group growth in a tribe of mutual support.

Can you support us with a donation?

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Recipient: Semilla Monte Alegre Association
Concept: donation educational project


Click on the following link to sign up for free and get this great gift!!!


Write us if you want to know more about us by email to:



Shaping the free school IKI-GAIA


17 September from 17:30h with delicious vegan cakes and tribe dinner.
18:30h Circle about the Gaia Eco-Learning Community of Almayate and the transformation to a small school IKI-GAIA.
Rakel Domínguez, one of the co-founders of the project will make a brief presentation about the educational project that starts its 4th year and we will give way to a participative day to define our common dream, detect individual and collective needs, resources and potentialities that we bring together.
18:30h At the same time, the activities for children will begin: pizza workshop, games, vegetable garden, music...
20:00h Storytelling with live music (Pedro Paz)
and dinner with the GAIA tribe

Contribution per adult to the day 10€ (kids free)
Contribution for ecological and vegan dinner with the educational community

10 €/adults and 8 € for children

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GAIA Learning Community

Educational community at the service of children

Letting what is new to emerge

After 3 school years of experience promoting our pilot educational project Gaia through our association Semilla Monte Alegre, we feel we are in a moment of change and transformation. We can say that we are in a beautiful process of decomposition and rebirth, making a similarity with the patterns we observe in nature.

Our educational community that emerged to connect the tribe and grow into an ecovillage needs to grow into something bigger. A new form adapted to the new needs of our continium cambium that involves more participation and commitment of all parties involved in the educational community we dream of.

This coming Friday afternoon, October 17th, we will open a new space to listen to all the parties that want to get involved in the construction of the new educational project that is emerging with IKI-GAIA and that dreams of growing from an association to an educational cooperative and then to a tribe.

Would you like to support a free school based on the principles of Permaculture whose vision is to contribute to the development of the gifts and talents of all the participating parties, and especially of our kids?

IKI-GAIA Free School

Desarrollando los dones y talentos

Growing into a school of life

Our children are growing and more and more families are interested in joining us, giving it a try and participating in a project/school of life where we nurture the interdisciplinary and multicultural exchange of all generations in an environment of nature and mutual support in a tribe. It is for this reason, and because we have more than 8 years of journey working with pleasure to materialize this moment, that our project needs a new space where we can grow and expand the educational offer up to 16 years in a place of explosive and limitless nature!!!

We are now In this exciting process of acquiring the ideal land to develop a Healing Biotope, with a minimum of infrastructures that allow us from the first day to start the best little school in the world for our children.
This school year 2021/22 is a course of transition to the NEW, full of surprises, illusion, meeting of souls, common dreams and a beautiful TRIBE, where every BEING is invited to BE and co-create an educational community that aspires to set the roots for an educational cooperative very soon!!!

To give space for the new to emerge, we must accompany with love and care the cycle that ends , so that from this good soil many sprouts will emerge. Would you like to meet us?


Thank you for making a financial contribution so that we can continue to grow, dream and materialise change!

IBAN: ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Beneficiario: Semilla Monte Alegre
Concepto: Donación IKIGAIA

Eco-Learning Community Gaia from 11th September 2020 until June 2021



Gaia School Introduction here;
More detailed information here)
The Gaia Education curriculum that we follow here in this Gaia School pilot project in Malaga is in line with the following key values:
  • honoring unity through diversity;
  • celebrating the diversity of cultures;
  • promoting social justice and environmental awareness;
  • empowering individuals and local actors;
  • increasing awareness and human potential;
  • respecting the living Earth as our planetary home.






Our educational project Gaia, as you will have heard us say more than once ;), puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability and food sovereignty; how we feed ourselves. That's why we have started a school garden in our Almayate space, so that ALL THE FAMILY can participate and learn how to regenerate the land, grow food and process it.
You are invited to participate with your children in the activities related to agro-ecology and sustainability that we have scheduled for Mondays
coordinated by the Swiss permacultor Daniel Stocker
(Spanish / English and German lessons).


As healthy, ecological and km 0 food is one of the pillars of the project, along with learning to share them, our educational proposal includes breakfast and lunch in the price.

Providing food from the project is designed, on the one hand, to cover the needs of children to eat from time to time and, secondly, the need to do so in a structured way from the project; avoiding waste, comparisons and cravings to see their friends eating different things.

The idea is that this daily habit forms part of a ritual-celebration of coming together, giving thanks for the food and sharing it with our friends.

The food will always be balanced, in terms of protein and carbohydrates, with an abundance of legumes, vegetables, sprouts, quinoa, millet and whole grains. In the preparation of the meals, no refined food will be used, -no refined flour or oil, no salt, etc.- nor will fried food be served or prepared with palm oil, sunflower oil, etc.

Menus for diabetics and gluten intolerance kids also possible.


Possibility of including individual needs in the menu.
Vegan breakfast: oats or home-made sour dough bread made with rye flour and/or gluten-free bread + olive oil and/or avocado, tahini, etc. + a glass of home-made vegetable milk or sugar-free juice

Fruits are available all morning,
Vegan lunch (without wheat) around 13:00h rich in vegetable protein.



  • Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 15:00h
  • Afternoons: music, languages and arts class on demand



MONDAY: Piano and music lessons coordinated by Daniel Stocker + ago-ecology lessons (school garden) (Spanish, English and German lessons)

various proposals according to weekly and monthly rhythms coordinated by Marta. (Spanish and English and lessons)

Excursions outside the space (in the Nature, museums, farms, etc.) to enrich the learning of the children in different contexts are coordinated by Rakel Domínguez . (Spanish, English, Italian and German lessons)



PRICES Promotion school year 2019/20 (with breakfast, fruit and lunch included):

Note: All parents have to become members of our association to participate in the project and be covered by the civil responsibility insurance that the association has for small and adults, excursions, etc.

Annual membership fee 50€ per year- Click here to see the  formulary and become a member!

MONTHLY FEE from 2 to 6 years old (with breakfast, fruit and lunch included. If a child cannot come to the educational eco learning community a few days a month, he or she will not be charged for the extra meal):

2 days a week:    150€ + 5€/day for Food = 190€

3 days a week:    200€ + 5€/day for Food = 260€

4/5 days a week: 250€ + 5€/day for Food = 350€

Friday excursions can be an extra cost. The prize depend on the distances,  number of kids, entrance,  etc. 

Matriculation (semestral fee): 100€ (for materials)

MONTHLY FEE from 6 to 12 years old (with breakfast, fruit and lunch included. If a child cannot come to the educational eco learning community a few days a month, he or she will not be charged for the extra meal)

2 days a week:    150€ + 6€/day for Food  = 200€

3 days a week:    200€ + 6€/day for Food = 275€

4/5 days a week: 250€ + 6 €/day for Food = 370€

Friday excursions can be an extra cost. The prize depend on the distances,  number of kids, entrance,  etc. 
Matriculation (semestra fee): 250 Euros (100 € for the purchase of materials + 150 € for participation in the Gaia homeschooling program approved in Estonia + certificate accrediting Gaia School Estonia at the end of the course +  a descriptive report of observations and evolution made by the coordinator in Malaga).


Minimum participation/registration of children: 2 days a week.
Desired participation of parents (community work for the school: proposals for activities/classes/workshops, support for excursions, etc., various work in the garden, publicity for events, etc.: 2 hours a week or 8 hours a month (flexibility)

If the children come 3, 4 or 5 times a week 3, 4, or 5h/week
(so many hours per week like days)
IMPORTANT info for kids more than 6 years old:
Commitment of the families to do one skype before June 2020 with the director of Gaia School in Estonia and sign the attached contracts. (CONTRACT)
We remain at your disposal for any questions or doubts
by email: semilla@semillamontealegre.org
or telephone: +34 659 10 98 09



25.01.2020 Open door day of Eco-Learnning Community Gaia


en la EcoComunidad de Aprendizaje GAIA

Defies the rain of the last Saturday, we spent a lovely day with the families around the fireplace in the little wooden houses of the school.

That’s why…we repeat this weekend, even if it rains 😉

It is a pleasure to invite you again to our Open Day this Saturday 25th JANUARY after the Practical Workshop on Nonviolent Communication that Delphine will give in our space in Almayate.


11:30h Nonviolent Communication Workshop

14:00h Organic vegan meal with menus at 6, 8 and 10 euros to support Gaia educational project.

16:00h Informative talk about the educational project Gaia and the ecovillage project associated with it




ECO Educational Space GAIA ( ALMAYATE )

We open our GAIA space in Almayate on the weekends to workshops, activities and talks about healthy living, respectful breeding and communication, art and music, etc. and everything else that comes up…

The Talk – practical workshop on Nonviolent Communication will be facilitated by Delphine from 11:30h to 14:00h

FOOD AND INFORMATIVE TALK ABOUT EDUCATIONAL PROJECT: From the Gaia space we will offer organic vegan menu for 6, 8 and 10 euros from 14:00h and a small informative talk at 16:00h.


Free workshop / by conscious contribution to cover expenses.

Confirm attendance at 659 10 98 09


Last briefing before the start!


The Annual Training -certified by the Center for NonViolent Communication-? and planned for 1 Saturday a month starting in February-, in which we will train more deeply in this tool so that the Gaia project can grow with it, is about to close registration. More info: here


…we could share a trip once a month if you join the cours ;)!

✨✨… unique transformative opportunity in southern Spain to develop your emotional intelligence, acquire powerful tools to connect with yourself and others, integrate keys to conflict resolution, and create a world where the needs of all count. ??????




Our Gaia educational project began to take shape more than a year and a half ago when we started with the family meetings.

It has been a very very long pregnancy, with several attempts to give birth that didn’t finish blooming; apparently GAIA was premature, that’s why the space we wanted to buy, Nidolea, didn’t come out.
…Now, after several months of hard work and adaptations to the unforeseen events that occurred in August with the other space 1 month before we moved in, our baby GAIA is now mature and has decided to be born in our home in Almayate. Luckily, the mango farm where we live has more than 2 hectares , already had several small wooden houses, etc.. ideal for a small educational project ;

Thanks to the families that continue to believe in GAIA and make the effort to also start contributing economically so that the project takes shape and try to be sustainable economically also!

We are happy to start small and very very grateful for all the contributions and learning we have experienced so far in this TRIP?




por correo electrónico:

por móvil:
+34 / 659 10 98 09



Dear families

We hope you are having a good autumn and life continues to bring you surprises.

We finally feel like communicating what's happening to us. After a couple of months of heavy "digestions" due to the news that we share below and search for creative solutions, we share with joy our Autumn program.








Pilot project of the School for the sustainable development of the planet around an eco-village in south Spain.

First of all, we are sorry to inform you that the start of this 2nd course of the GAIA Eco-Learning Community will be delayed until November 4th due to unforeseen events and problems arising from real estate speculation on the Costa del Sol.

The space where we were going to move in mid-September 10 families and 2 companions to grow up in ecovillage, was sold a little more than 1 month ago behind our backs without respecting the rental agreement with option to buy 4 years agreed with the owner.

Imagine what moment we are in: total restructuring, lawyers, search for an optimal place to live several families around the school, and so on.

The good news is, that the GAIA school in Estonia has offered us to start with the GAIA homeschooling program approved in their country NOW -for children between the ages of 6 and 16- while we formalize the creation of a GAIA approved center in Spain, so this month we are with the enrollment understanding which are the needs of families to finalize the educational proposal. We appreciate that those interested contact us as soon as possible to plan together the proposal for mornings, extracurricular activities and family excursions.



While clarifying the ideal space to create a GAIA approved school/centre in Malaga and the eco-village around it, we have decided to make use of different ECO-SPACES where we collaborate as an association. An "Eco-space" is a space, it could be a centre, a farm or a project, where we find examples of Permaculture (ecological orchards, food forests, water retention, etc) and/or good practices related to social, economic-energy or environmental sustainability.

For the age group of 2 to 6 years we have the space of our child companion Tania, LA MANADA, in the Montes de Màlaga, and our farm in Almayate Alto. In addition we have the Vilago Hopi with 4 domes, theater and orchard near Velez-Malaga. You can see it in the photos. Other private properties are offered for activities.

For the group from 6 to 16 years old, besides Vilago Hopi of Velez and our space in Almayate, we have many proposals of spaces and private properties that open the doors to us to celebrate school days from Coin to Almuñecar. So, the idea is to start this 2nd year as "itinerant school" and continue with the methodological educational proposal GAIA- forest-school; counting on our 9-seater van and other vehicles of collaborators for the displacements.

We believe that in this way, our children will receive a very enriching education immersing themselves in different contexts of Permaculture, agroecology and healthy life.

If you are interested in knowing - or enriching with your skills - the educational proposal for this academic year 2019/20, form part of the tribal education group, offer your space for encounters or give us your time/support, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail at rakel.ds@gmail.com or by telephone at 659 10 98 09.

Thank you for sharing with the tribe

In the next few weeks we will be selecting the primary companions and volunteers. Welcome also people interested in learning about the new GAIA methodology.

...we continue walking and looking for the best place to grow and develop. Because, GAIA, our PACHA MAMA deserves it and needs us now more than ever.


To see the statutes click here...

The annual fee is 50 euros. As a sympathetic member you have the right to participate in the extracurricular activities, excursions and weekend activities that we organize and the whole family will be covered by civil liability insurance.

In addition, you can offer/participate in workshops we organize and receive membership discount; you can make inquiries and receive legal advice and support through the free education association ALE https://www.educacionlibre.org of which we are members; and a lot more advantages...


If you are interested in actively participating in the eco-learning community, please fill in this form: HERE

The monthly fee for families interested in participating in the proposed activities for mornings, afternoons and weekends in our eco-educational spaces and being an active part of the Gaia Learning Eco-community will depend on the number of days you are interested in participating.

ATTENTION: Those who decide for this option will not have to pay the annual sympathetic membership fee of 50 euros, it is already included!

250 € (4 or 5 days/week)
200 € ( 3 days/week )
150 € (2 days/week, minimum participation for children under 6 years! and 1 or 2 days a week for children between 6 and 16 years!)

It is also possible to enroll in the Homeschooling program and come only few days during the school year. If you are interested in participating in the activities less than 4 times a month, please call 659 10 98 09 for prices for individual days.