Scholarships – student sponsorship program

Scholarships - student sponsorship program

The La Noria grant we have applied for, which offers in collaboration with La Caixa a grant of 20,000 euros, has been denied us this year, so we can not offer cheaper quotas.
Given that the educational project currently depends entirely on the pocket of each of the families participating in the project -and on the will of many hands/hearted volunteers-, we are looking for people, organizations, associations or companies to help us offer this second year some scholarships to families with fewer resources.
We have already found some people willing to collaborate with 100 or 150 euros per month for 10 months (school year 2019/20) so that we can offer scholarships to children from families with fewer resources.
If you are interested in being part of this program contact us and we will tell you the details 659 10 98 09
If you would prefer to make a one-time donation to this program, please put in the "Gaia Scholarship" concept when making the transfer.
We are currently working on a video to launch a crowdfounding campaign that will allow us to have more human and financial resources, and even be able to acquire a space of our own where we can develop the project without limitations. We are looking for investors related to the values of the project interested in supporting us.
Thank you for helping us plant more seeds of awareness, love and respect in our environment.

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