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How are you?

Thank you first of all for following your ❤️ in search of solutions and being interested in our project.

We pass you some basic information about the protocol of approach to our Eco village project. It is essential to have completed it in order to participate in any of the workshops we organize.

In this phase of the project we especially welcome people and families with a pioneering profile who are determined to commit to this way of life in coherence with their/our principles and who have some savings to contribute to the process of land acquisition and development of the key projects of the Healing Biotope.

If you feel called to get to know us more closely and have a lot to contribute to the co-creation of this life project, and IMPORTANT!!! you can make the move NOW!!! or join before the next two years, you are in luck because it is just the profile we are looking for!!!

1 STEP: interested in the eco-village in the short/medium term with savings:
Please fill out this survey so we can start to get to know each other by clicking here.

1 STEP interested in the ecovillage in the medium/long term or interested only in collaborating or participating in a project and without savings:
If you are more interested in collaborating and getting to know us, or you don’t  have financial solvency, or you can’t take the step before 2/3 years, you can also start the approach as a collaborator and get to know the human group and more about the project by working with us developing some area of the project (Gaia Free School, Permaculture Academy, Music Academy, Training and Events Circle, Crowdfunding and Financing Circle…).

For more information, see this post where you will find a survey for collaborators that you can fill out to initiate outreach and collaboration. You can also download it here.

1 STEP: social lenders and investors
If your idea is to approach us to invest some savings, undertake an activity aligned with the vision, create lines of collaboration and/or support us to materialize this great common dream of creating a new holistic model of society in a Biotope of Sanacción, welcome!

Here you can see more information about the participation models and economic conditionsfor social lenders. Write to us telling us about yourself and your process:

2 STEP: become a sympathising member

Once a month we offer intimate online meeting and face-to-face meetings to members (very limited places) where we answer questions and concerns and deepen our knowledge of both parties.

For those of you who want to know more details about the process and the timeline, the economic situation, the types of members and internal details about the project, we invite you to become a sympathising member of our association, as a 2nd step after filling out the survey above. Here you can see the advantages we offer you for becoming a member.

We recommend to start the process of approaching our Eco village project at least a few weeks before coming to meet us, to a meeting or to arrange a telephone/online appointment to come as informed as possible and to make the most of the time on both sides.

If you have already taken any of the steps listed in the protocol, please let us know in order to speed up the sending of the internal information.



1) The first document we need you to sign to get internal informations is the confidentiality agreement.

This project that we will share with you is the result of 10 years of travel and this protocol is a basic measure of self-care that we have established, especially due to the strong speculation that exists in this area of Malaga and because of the problems that have caused us to share our work so happily in the past.

Click here to download it.

We need you to sign the confidentiality document both adults of the couple, in case you have one, on all the pages. For the moment, a photo is enough, but we will need the original when you come to a meeting. What we expressly ask is that you do not talk about the exact place, nor the town where it is located, nor the size. You can speak openly about the vision and the ecovillage project in Malaga.


2) The second thing we need in order to share with you the extensive presentation of the project, as well as the models of participation, the timeline and the internal economic info, is that you formalize your registration as a member and send us a proof of payment of 50 €.. In this way, we can send you all the detailed information of our proposal so that you can feel it and study it calmly.

This membership fee of 50€/year allows us to cover all the administrative costs that are generated with the processes of approach / integration of new families, while putting in value the fruit of our work of 10 years, at least symbolically ?.

In the following link you can download the documents to become a member.

Here is the account number :

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre
Concept: annual membership fee + first and last name

Joining our association will allow you, besides participating in some of our meetings and meet the project site and the pioneer group, to be informed of the news and progress of the project for 1 year, receive discounts on courses, events that we organize, participate in the Gaia Eco-Learning Community project, etc..


SaLUZ and thank you always

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