Introductory Seminar about Schetinin Pedagogy

Do you want to experience and feel the advantages in learning and attention by activating the 2 hemispheres of the brain constantly in the fifth 1-day introductory training of this pedagogy that will be held in Spanish, English and German in our country?

Welcome with your whole tribe or clan to participate in the 5th introductory seminar in Spanish in our ecovillage IKI-GAIA Malaga to learn from educators who have been trained with ISKA and have been in the Russian Tekos school about the Schetinin pedagogy (the one named in Anastasia’s books).

Watch this video to feel more…


NEXT DATES: 15th October (Spanish, English and German), 18th November, 9th December, 24th February. The flyer with more info about the Program is the same for all introductory Seminars

TIME: 10 – 19h

WHERE: Ecovillage IKI-GAIA (Spain)

If you need accommodation or want to sleep in your vehicle or caravan, please contact us:
or on telegram: @ecoada

Look at this  video to feel more …


If you want to participate in the 2nd 1 week multigenerational camp/seminar and learn more about this pedagogy and, on the way, get closer to our ecovillage, learn about Permaculture, bioconstruction, group dynamics in November from the 19th to the 25th is your / great opportunity.

If you are interested in a 2 weeks intensive training in this pedagogy and you want to benefit from applying these techniques to your daily life or from your family, in your project, work… (children and young people are always very welcome with their parents!), mark this date in your calendar: from December 26th to January 7th and click here for more info.

Contact us for more details.

Places are very limited!
Blessing for following your ❤️ and this call


The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

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24 Feb 2024


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  • Rakel Dominguez Segura
    Rakel Dominguez Segura
    Impulsora Learning Community GAIA, EcoAldea IKI-GAIA

    A free soul, explorer and traveler, journalist and anthropologist by profession, and permaculturist at heart, nutritionist, companion and facilitator of processes, her being feels like a universal mother at the service of the continium cambium and the new humanity that is emerging.

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