Lecture on the Schetinin pedagogy from the Russian Tekos school

Welcome to get to know our space and ecovillage construction project in its pioneering phase in an intimate atmosphere sharing about the experiences of the founder and visionary of IKI-GAIA who has been learning about the basics and benefits of the Schetinin pedagogy directly at the Tekos school in Russia this summer.

See the programme below!

During the talk, the promoter of the ecovillage and the educational community and School of Life of IKI-GAIA will explain the options to get trained and feel if this holistic model can be an option for you and/or your children and how to participate in the educational project that will start in January 2024 after organizing the first Schetinin training seminar of 2 weeks in Spain (and also in Spanish, English and German ) with interested families, educators and people interested in holistic training in general (December 26th to January 8th.)

On the 15th of October, i.e. the following day, if what you hear and feel resonates with you, and if there are places left 😉 you will have the opportunity to participate in a 1-day introductory seminar to deepen your understanding of this model.

If it is clear that you want to stay and participate in the seminar and you need accommodation, let us know as soon as possible, we have few places available.

To confirm your participation in 1 or both events we need you to send us a message by email or telegram confirming your attendance.
Don’t forget to let us know if you are staying at 19:30h for vegan food from our self-sufficiency gardens.

Telegram Rakel @ecoada


Rakel Domínguez is, besides being a free soul and a traveler, an activist mum and manifester of Dreams, social permaculturist and educator in the 5 dimensions of sustainability, anthropologist, journalist, nutritionist, vegan cook and facilitator of groups and processes aimed at accelerating the New Humanity.

Since she became a mother almost 8 years ago, her life journey and moment in life has led her to take care of her son’s education and to train in alternative pedagogies of different kinds. When her son was 3 years old, she decided to grow from a parenting group to something more structured and undertook an educational project of free education based on Permaculture in the space of the Association in Almayate.

This experience of almost 4 years (including the challenge of the Pandemic) has given her many tools and helped  to understand the needs of children and adolescents, as well as the need for the whole family to participate in the educational community and joint activities (gardening, excursions, music…) to be more synchronized and aligned with the values we want to live.

Above all, this experience has helped her to internalize and become aware of the need for a clear and defined structure (and at the same time flexible and continually revisable, adapted to the flow of life) that we have as children, as well as their parents and (in general, the majority of adults) in this phase of transition towards the New Humanity that we are going through, and where there is still so much to be healed.

In Sozium, in ComúnUNIDAD we all eco-evolve faster and everything heals and transcends better!!!


13:00 Welcome Infusion and mini tour for IKI-GAIA
14:00 Vegan Food with Veg from our Garden (10 €)
15:30 Lecture and sharing circle  with audiovisual support about the experience in Tekos and the Schetinin pedagogy (Rakel).
17:00 Circular dance at sunset and farewell (Rakel)
18:00 IKI-GAIA community dinner ( confirmation required, conscious contribution (10 €).

The event is finished.


08 Dec 2023


16:00 - 19:30

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