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Projection, Confidence and Commitment... Your moment has arrived!?

Starting an ecovillage project and synchronizing a group of true pioneers and initiators or seeds of ecovillage projects with the ability to visualize what is to be built with determination, confidence and commitment, is not something that is done in 2 days. As the anthropologist Diana Leaf says in her book: "how to create community together", an ecovillage project normally takes an average of 10 years to mature and materialize, that is, to start, and normally only 1 out of 10 attempts is successful.

Thanks to our commitment to our Dream and our 10-year journey (7 years together since Semilla Monte Alegre was born) following our ikigai, we have been able to bring the basis of the IKI-GAIA project and its starting point to a very advanced and professional level that has facilitated the attraction and resonance of people and families in search of this great Common Dream.

Thanks to the open day meetings that we have been organizing since last September to give the possibility of approaching interested people to get to know our project and chosen place, we have been able to meet different profiles of dreamers of a new humanity that have been approaching IKI-GAIA. A small percentage of all the indagaianas families (people in search who come to feel and inquire) that have been passing by, have seen it clearly and are already ikigaianas (committed). Many are in the process of getting closer, feeling, letting go of what they have, moving, or simply looking for a way to find the economy that is required to contribute, etc.

Although we always find a thousand and one reasons not to leave our comfort zone, we know that there always comes the opportunity, the expected signal, to take a step forward and be more coherent, especially when we have children. Projecting it, even in the medium term, brings us closer to our destiny, as we take small steps in that direction.


We invite those of you who want or imagine starting a holistic life project in Malaga and are ready/preparing to take the step, to start the approach and ask us for information about all the participation models we are offering, for those of you who can not/want to participate actively in the initial phase prior to the estimated opening of the campsite (until 2023) or need more time, or that this is more advanced to join, we also have an option already to offer you. With this model for investing individuals and families, the rights you acquire start to count from the moment the campsite opens and you spent seasons, and you can even ask for one more year of exemption in case you will not be able to come the first year.

Your bet on your own dream HERE in IKI-GAIA and with us NOW with this opportunity and 20% discount, help us in JUNE to take the step we need to take.

  • As it is logical, once we acquire the property and we grow and add value to the infrastructures and offers of the project, participating in IKI-GAIA will have a considerably higher cost. Therefore, we invite you to take a few minutes to review all the material we have already posted on our website, become a member to receive detailed information and feel if you want to project yourself and want to contribute your small grain of sand to this great cause NOW and benefit from the great advantages of being a founder.




In order to facilitate the exit of people who come to try out and have not finally resonated with the project or the vision, we believe it is advisable to leave a good exit door after the 3rd year of commitment. Not before, since departures always generate instability and this in the beginning does not help the pioneer group that would have to bear it with an extra effort.


Although we already have urban feasibility of the project and, if all goes well, the 1st phase of the campsite can be opened 18 months after the purchase, to leave all the ropes well tied in case of unforeseen events, we have included an extension to compensate for possible delays with the administrative deadlines for permits and others:

If after the 2nd year since the property was acquired, the campsite is not operational as planned, we will see to extend to all members who paid deposits fees, the rights according to the time of delay.


We understand that the accommodation conditions that we offer to pioneer members in the phase prior to the opening of the campsite are not of the same comfort that you will be able to enjoy once the campsite is open, so we have developed this option that supposes 0 RISK for you, in case that for some reason the campsite is not open or you want to leave. In this case, if for any reason, you do not want to continue with the project, you would only have to wait 3 years to recover your deposit.



As you can see in the clauses

"In the event that a person or family investor decides to leave the project at the end of the 3rd year of the right without the campsite is operating and has made use of their rights, if there is no person or family on the waiting list, they will have to find a person or family to replace them and to be approved by the Board of Directors of the association. In this case, the person or family that replaces him/her will have to pay the full fee paid to this family or person and, to the association or legal entity that replaces him/her, the difference with respect to the fee in force at that moment. If the person or family has already enjoyed some time of its right, it will recover the corresponding part of the unused years".



+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)


Tell us about yourself and your process, your doubts and concerns, we want to know what motivates, worries or prevents you from taking the step NOW.

Maybe between all of us we can help you.
So that we can start the process of approximation on both sides 😉 we invite you to send us a letter of motivation/presentation and become a member of our association by clicking here to ask us by mail for more confidential information about the project.

And remember, if it is not your time now to enter with the commitment we need, you can always support us by making a donation and formalizing the membership registration by contacting us.

Destinatario: Semilla Monte Alegre
Número de cuenta: ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

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