10.07.2021 WORKSHOP: Water Retention Landscape


Understanding waters worth

Thank you so much for beeing part of the change!

In this workshop held by Daniel Stocker, coordinator of various permaculture projects in and around the Axarquía in Málaga (Monte Alegre, Los Rosales...), you will learn about water retention landscape. We will see the creation  of a 128m long swale and put hands on togehter.

Saturday 10th of July 2021
at the Finca Nacencia near Periana, Malaga, Spain.
Location: You'll get the location as soon you subscribe.


Saturday  10.07.2021   09:00 - 17:00

  • Opening circle and getting to know each other.
    • Small tour through the site and having a look on the earthwork
    • Learning about different techniques to measure contour lines
      • A-Frame
      • Water tube
      • Laser-Level
    • Practical part
      • Planting pioneer trees and shrubs.
      • Fine tune and levelling the swale.
  • Lunch
    • Theory

      • Why we need Water Retention Landscapes?
      • What measures there are, how to calculate and implement them?
      • We learn in detail how a swale works and how do calculate them.
      • We learn to choose the right plants for your project in your climate.
  • Closing  circle.

Price on donation basis (orientation):

-Workshop: 60.-€
-Food : 8.-€

We will serve you a delicious vegetarian Biological meal:
-Salad, stew, bread, cake or dessert with coffee/tea

Minimum participants: 5
Maximum participants: 10



Daniel Stocker, from Switzerland, is working since more than five years on different Fincas in the Axarquía. His main project is Monte Alegre, where he applies his collected experience from working as a volunteer or attending as a student in workshops and seminars. For example in Tamera (Portugal), Lilleoru (Estonia), La Flessyer (France) amongst others. His main focus is on Water Retention Landscaping and reforestation, creating food forests in arid zones.


by email:

by cell phone:
+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)
+34 / 661 420 391 (Daniel)

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