February 29th from 10:30h

Buenas familias soñadoras ?

First of all, I wish you a wonderful start to February, the decade and year 2020 of dream manifestations.

We have started the year with great clarity by reviewing visions, dreams and… all the lands we have researched this last decade for the Eco Village project in Axarquia with the Gaia School and Socio-cultural and Healing Center as the focus! And, well, I would like to share with you that this last year has opened up a couple of very interesting new possibilities…

The project of Escuelita GAIA has been taken up again after Christmas in our space in Almayate and we are at full capacity, growing as an Eco-community of Learning.

We are also looking for a bigger space for the next school year so that we can include more families in the project!

We have several real proposals to start the “big” project very soon, if everything keeps flowing. Some proposals are smaller, and others are bigger that could include more people and dreams.

We would like to invite you on Saturday, February 29th from 10:30h – until 18:00h in our space in Almayate to an intimate day to tell you how we are and how we would like to collaborate and support each other to fulfill dreams.

We feel ready to take the step and buy/rent with option to buy – depending on the case – and, above all, to commit ourselves.
It will depend on how many of you are prepared to manifest your dream this year or next year with us, who will choose one or the other. The strength, human and economic resources that are generated with a small group is not the same as with a large one.

Call us at 659 10 98 09 or send us an email to confirm attendance, know the details of the day and send you the location.

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