Seminars / Camps of Schetinin Pedagogy (ISKA)




Educational research days: (see 2-week multigenerational and formative seminars/camps below)

Prerequisite for all other seminars to have done a 1-day seminar!!!

The first 3 seminars in 3 languages held in Spain in our ecovillage during the months of April and May were wonderful!!!
We continue…

25.06 Ecovillage IKI-GAIA (more info)

01.07 Ecovillage IKI-GAIA (more info)



02.07- 07.07. 1st 1 week multigenerational seminar/camp to learn about this methodology in an ecovillage project in practice. (more info)

September (more details soon)

October (more details soon)


26.12.2023 – 07.01.2024 1 training seminar C1 to go deeper into this pedagogy, mathematics, biology, group processes, inner growth and much more!!! Write to us if you are interested in being trained and bring your family to experience this model. Places are very limited, book now!



Intensive 2-week seminars (training itinerary):

22.10.-4.11.23 learning guide seminar C2 in the German-speaking area (more info).

26.7.-8.8.23 Seminar on learning guides C1 in the German-speaking area (more information)

28.5.-10.6.23 Seminar of C1 training guides in the Offenburg region (more information)

The daily programme is adapted to the method developed by M.P. Schetinin.

The content is difficult to explain in words, it has to be experienced.

The reports of the experiences are as individual as the people (see below).

The seminars are aimed at adults and young people from the age of 14 (younger children also possible from the age of 7).

Childcare is usually also available.

Seminars for children/young people/families:

(Prerequisite: attendance at a one-day seminar, for children/young people and parents).

Please send your registration with full name (for children also age), address and telephone number to:

Wishes and requests (with the same information) send to
If you have heard about these seminars through us, please mention it in your email so that they know where the referrals come from.

Application for ISKA sponsoring membership

Seminar fee: (energy compensation)



Antropologa, periodista, mama activa ...

Rakel Dominguez

Ecovillages and rural educational projects as drivers of a paradigm shift and promoters of rural repopulation

With Rakel Domínguez, president of the Semilla Monte Alegre Association and main promoter and guardian of the IKI-GAIA ecovillage, we will reflect together on the important role played by ecovillages and rural educational projects.
IKI-GAIA, we will reflect together on the important role that ecovillages and rural communities and educational projects play in the construction of a new paradigm and a resilient future.

In this workshop we will address from a systemic point of view some of the problems that we have to take co-responsibility for in order to counteract the pressing process of generalised depopulation that we are experiencing.

We will talk about the lack of intergenerational replacement, the inversion of the population pyramid, the socio-economic factors that favour it, etc. and we will explore together strategies to address these major challenges we face as a society.

About Rakel

Free soul, explorer and traveler, journalist and anthropologist, permaculturist heart, nutritionist, companion and facilitator of processes, her being feels universal mother at the service of the new humanity that is emerging.

Among her entrepreneurships the Gaia Learning Community, an educational project of free pedagogy that is based on permaculture and the discovery of ikigai (purpose of life or reason for being) and the gifts and talents of each being, which after completing her 4th year of operating has begun a process of transformation growing into ecovillage and towards a school of life for all generations.

In addition, she is the main promoter of the Spanish platform GAIA-VESAD that has emerged as a result of the pandemic to create a network between the group of professionals in the field of education and groups of people living with dependent children who want to exercise their right to choose the best education for them (including home schooling), to promote together the new educational paradigm and the change that the planet and humanity need.

IKI-ǴAIA, a replicable ecovillage model with a very innovative holistic approach adapted to the transitional times we live in and with a Healing Biotope as the cornerstone of the vision, is their big baby.
This project, which he has been dreaming and designing for more than 13 years, and the last few years together with his partner and father of his son through the association they founded, Semilla Monte Alegre, and which has already manifested itself with the purchase of more than 240 hectares of land, is the fruit of a lifetime's journey.

Promoting permaculture and regeneration of the planet, the holistic development of the being, as well as the recovery of sovereignty in the areas of food, health, energy and, with special emphasis, in education to promote rural repopulation and the development of sustainable settlements around rural educational projects and the return to the land in complete coherence, is their raison d'être.



Semilla Monte Alegre participates with 2 stands at the fair where it will present the progress of the various projects it promotes, including the co-creation of a SanaAcción Biotope and a sustainable ecovillage in the Axarquia region of Malaga where they grow from a Gaia Learning Community to a school of life for all generations.


Semilla Monte Alegre will make 2 short presentations both days from 13:30 to 14:00 and from 17 to 17:30h on Saturday at the sales stand of the association. In addition you can learn about family massage with "Kansu Bowl".
We are waiting for you!


The Andalusian Fair of Agricultural Biodiversity (FABA) is the annual meeting of people and groups committed to local, traditional varieties and seed exchange in Andalusia.

It is an event open to the general public, free of charge, and for those people or groups interested in cultivated biodiversity in particular.


The FABA (ANDALUSIAN FAIR OF AGRICULTURAL BIODIVERSITY) also aims to create a space where farmers can exchange seeds and share traditional knowledge associated with their management.
This annual event addresses the different aspects of the dynamic and community management of cultivated biodiversity.


It includes conferences, workshops, visits to the gardens in the Arboretum, exhibitions and exchange of seeds and products, round tables, tastings, book presentations, etc... To see the detailed program click on the following link.

Invitation to join and look at the proposal and implementation of IKI-GAIA


Are you interested in seeing our progress? Do you feel called to get to know us, collaborate, join an ecovillage, support us financially or "invest" as a loan? Do you have hij@s and would you like to find an educational project consistent with your values where you can participate in an educational cooperative? Do you want to know our activities planned for next year and assess if it can be your life project where you can also become professional?


Con la continuación del proyecto educativo Gaia iniciado hace 3 años en el nuevo espacio, nos aseguramos un mínimo de alumn@s y mapadres para crecer a cooperativa educativa en el nuevo espacio.


Calendario anual de cursos, seminarios y eventos que financien la puesta en marcha de las huertas de autosuficiencia, el bosque comenstible, la gestión del agua y las reformas que se irán acometiendo el primer año.


Con una buena cocina y un super horno de pan en el espacio ya hecho, cubriremos nuestras necesidades alimenticias y generaremos ecosinuestra desde el primer día creando marca..


A través de clases particulares de música (piano, guitarra, contrabajo, etc.), canto e improvisación, así como con talleres musicales para todas las edades iremos dando forma a la Academia de música y artes.


Ofreciendo alojamiento a miembros que quieran probar o pasar temporadas y a través de cursos de mas de 1 día de duración conseguiremos tener las habitaciones al 80% de ocupación todo el año.


Con la gradual entrada de nuevos miembros se podrá financiar la puesta en marcha del camping y lasreformas de las instalaciones existentes que posibilitarán ofrecer más alojamientos.


? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

!!!? OPENING CEREMONY ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????!!!?

?Join us today December 1st for our opening ceremony at 8pm.

?You will be able to meet the summit team, its program and participate in the ???? ??????? raffle and enjoy ??????????? way all the keynotes and bonuses.?

?We will have the wonderful presentation of ??????? ?????? ?who will sing live and delight with the inspiring message of his songs that sensitize and connect with life from a more emotional and affective❤️, message that shows that it is a vital time to change our way of inhabiting the earth because we have to be guardians of life for future generations. ??

?¡Remember! In the ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????, from the hand of 29 experts, you can learn the key tools that will facilitate this path back to the field.

?¡Enjoy it!
?From ? to ?th December

If you haven’t signed up yet, hurry up, there’s still time ?



A great opportunity to believe in your momentum and generate synergies!

? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

From Semilla Monte Alegre, where we are also part of the change and participate in this beautiful initiative, we encourage you to join the network and take a look at the

? summit back to the field:
reconnecting with nature, returning to ourselves.?

✨Let yourself be inspired by this virtual event in which we participate *29 experts and Wizards of Change who have already walked this path* and we will share with you the best knowledge, tools and tips to follow your ? , overcome possible blocks, follow the signs, find the synergies and *discover the step by step* that will lead you to fulfill your dream.

? *December 2 to 8*.
?totally free of charge

Click on the following link to sign up for free and win this great gift!

Write us if you want to know more about us by email to:

?Share so that more of us will be inspired to take steps to fulfill the dream of living in the countryside:

Alternativas educativas en zonas rurales

We look forward to seeing you at this special event where you can learn about inspiring initiatives from Spain and South America that will confirm that your dream is possible.

Our Gaia Learning Community has been selected to share its experience in this international summit.  The return to the countryside is a process that, as we see, after the Pandemic is happening more consciously among large sectors of the population that yearn for a lifestyle more in harmony with their values, reconnection with Nature, peace and tranquility, and that, when we have children, we have considered more than once.

Many of us feel, as a result of becoming parents, that we have no choice but to be consistent with the lifestyle and values we want to instill in them.

Our children and great teachers help us to reconnect with the source and move mountains if necessary, to take the step. The union in this sense with initiatives and human beings in the same search that want to co-responsible for the education of their children and are aware of the role of referents that we have while we accompany them in this stage, is a guarantee of success and co-creation of the collective experience that we want to live and offer them.

Come and see how other initiatives are being organized

Un regalo para toda la vida!!

In this brief presentation you can see some impressions of our 3 years of journey covering educational and social needs of our children in tribe and community Gaia.

We are currently shaping an educational cooperative of mapadres (mothers and fathers) more focused on what we want with the intention of creating a free educational project that covers the entire period of compulsory schooling. In the great process of joining many of us to a holistic life project with a free school + ecovillage where we can share life projects in a place of our own.


¿Te resuena? ¿te animas a conocernos?

And you? will you join or move close to where the new educational project that is being developed these months will be located to start in 2023 in a space without limits to development, creativity and individual and group growth in a tribe of mutual support.

Can you support us with a donation?

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Recipient: Semilla Monte Alegre Association
Concept: donation educational project


Click on the following link to sign up for free and get this great gift!!!

Write us if you want to know more about us by email to:





“Building the future we want to leave in ecoheritage to our future generations, co-creating it
from Now “.


Dear tribe?

We make this call from Semilla Monte Alegre and the pioneer tribe of IKI-GAIA because we are
open to more co-founders/co-dreamers and co-creators of the IKI-GAIA project.

On our way to the recuperation of our sovereignties in a Healing biotope.If you feel that we have very similar dreams that can be complementary and, giving eachother
feedback in these times we are living in, which would very beneficial for both parties to move
forward with our life projects and missions, do not hesitate to contact us, as the time has
come: . To read more about the proposal click here.


With joy we announce and welcome you to the first open day meeting of the IKI-GAIA ecovillage of the fall where we invite you to come (and / or see us again), to study together this opportunity that is presented to us and we do not want to miss!!!… because it is about co- creating and investing in our future now!!!

You will have the opportunity to learn about our educational community project GAIA that wants to grow into an educational cooperative and the manifestation of our great dream and life journey: the ecovillage IKIGAIA. In addition, you will learn about the opportunities and great advantages that we offer to co-founders of the project who bet on IKI-GAIA in this phase prior to the signing of the purchase of the place! Process that we want to carry out after this event with your granite of love and confidence!!!

Logically, once the property is acquired and we add value to the infrastructures and offers of the project, participating in IKI-GAIA will have a considerably higher cost. Therefore, we invite you to take a few minutes to review all the material we have published on the web and we have been sending you (if you are member) and to feel where you want to project yourself and where you want to contribute your grain of sand at this point of time.


If you are not yet a member and want to approach our project and / or participate in this or any intimate day of those we organize once a month, click on the following link to understand how the process works.


For those of you who cannot/want to actively participate in the initial phase prior to the opening of the campsite (estimated in 2023) or need more time to physically join the project, we invite you to ask us for more information about a new option we have designed for this profile that we see wants to, but needs more time to join.

We have developed this tailor-made option, due to the great demand that exists for people who need 1/2/3 years to close jobs, sell house, close other stages…

This option of 0 risk in case that for some reason beyond our control, the acquisition of the land or the opening of the campsite does not materialize is a unique opportunity because you would only have to wait 3 years to recover your/your deposit, if for some reason you do not want to continue with the project. While your betting on your own dream here at IKI-GAIA and with us now helps us to take the step we need to take without having to knock on the door of banks. For more information, see post on our websiteweb

A great opportunity to start projecting yourselves with us from now on! …integrating each dream and respecting each rhythm and individuality!!!

Click on the following link to see the DETAILS of the OCTOBER EVENTenlace para ver los DETALLES del EVENTO de OCTUBRE



Un reencuentro de almas unidas bajo un MISMO SUEÑO COMÚN


The event from 21 to 24 October will be held in a resort in the Axarquia if a minimum of rooms are booked, otherwise it will be in our space in Almayate.

The space chosen for this autumn meeting is located in a wonderful resort with capacity for a large group that we want to rent with your reservations of beds to take care of the rest and welfare of the group. If we do not manage to reserve a minimum of 20 beds, the meeting will be held in our space in Almayate.

The lovingly prepared vegan meals for the whole event from Thursday 21st, including the dinner on Sunday 24th October, will be managed by Semilla Monte Alegre with organic products.

During these days it is not allowed to organize individual meals, only in case of babies and people with special needs who request it.

Payments for meals can be made on the first day of arrival after breakfast at the established times for the treasury.

The organic and vegan menus are generally gluten, lactose and added sugar free. For breakfasts and snacks we will offer seasonal fruit (mangoes) and mango smoothie from our farm + homemade bread made with rye and spelt sourdough, and, for gluten-free, buckwheat.

If you have any food intolerance, or need gluten-free breakfast, please contact Rakel by mail.

TICKETS: From Thursday 21 October possible.

Friday 22nd at 10 am we will start the rich program that we are preparing adapted to the final number, needs and ages of all participants. We will offer an early morning Yoga session and a delicious breakfast before starting with the group dynamics to get to know each other and deepen the vision of IKIGAIA and the vision of each being.
In the afternoon we will focus on the GAIA Learning Community and we will make a GAIA Slow excursion with the tribe of the event and the chikis who want to join us from 15h to 20h. This part of the program is open to friends/family members who would like to meet us by confirming their attendance in advance.

Saturday morning we will have a guided tour of the farm that we are going to acquire after a brief visual presentation. In the afternoon we will continue to discuss details of the accommodations, key projects, renovations to existing infrastructure, planned construction, timeline, etc.

Sunday morning before the rich Valencian paella chupadedos a lo Pedro will be the day to delve into legal issues, bureaucratic, participation models, details of the educational project, etc..

The event will officially end at 17h on Sunday 24th. Although for that afternoon we will offer to those who have time, a last guided visit to the project's farm to feel it again and close the event sharing a delicious cake and harvesting feedbacks in the Nature.



Caring for people and our GAIA land by facilitating the materialization of IKI-GAIA


To reserve your place in the day and see if we need to rent a space, we need you to make a transfer with the amount of the participation costs per adult/family that you will see below (total according to the number of days) to the following account number before October 12.

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

For reservations of participation write: Donation ecoaldea + your name and first surname.

Please send us by telegram to 659 10 98 09 or by email to copy of the transfer to facilitate the treasury.


This contribution is part of the reservation that you must pay us to the account number provided above in addition to the reservation of the beds detailed below.

50€ adults
80€ couples (children are free)

These fees are calculated to cover the costs of all the organizers and logistics of the event so that the organization of these days does not involve an extra human and economic cost, nor generate debts to our project.


FRIDAY: participation in ecovillage day 1 day
20 € adult or
30 € families and couples (children free)
Possibility of participation of beings outside the event in the Gaia-Slow eco-school excursion with snack and organic dinner included:
30€/chiki (including snack and dinner).
Children under 3 years old and parents participate free of charge.
Fathers and mothers only have to contribute 10€/child for dinner.

SATURDAY: 1 day ecovillage day participation
20 € adult or
30 € families and couples (children free)

SUNDAY: participation in ecovillage day 1 day
20 €/adult or
30 € families and couples (children free)

These contributions can be made in cash during the event

20/day Adults and children over 12 years old
10€/day for children from 2 to 5 years old.
15/day for children from 6 to 12 years old.

If the meal day is not completed, 4€ will be charged for breakfasts and 8€ for lunches and dinners. (children from 2 to 5 years old 2€ breakfasts and 4€ lunches and dinners
and from 6 to 12 years old 3€ for breakfast and 6€ for lunches and dinners).

There will be tea and infusions, coffee, nuts and fruit available throughout the day offered from the event.

In order to better plan the meals, please fill in this link if you did not do it above, the day of arrival/departure, the number of members and in the meals we count on you.



This contribution is part of the reservation that you must pay us to the account number provided above before Wednesday October 13, adding the participation fees of the whole event or single days of 1 adult or couple to reserve your place).

Cheer up because there are less free beds and places left for the event!


Closed sneakers, long pants, joy, desire to share, to get to know each other, instruments to make music, desire to give and receive hugs...

28 – 29 AUGUST 2021: Cultivating community: from I to We

28 – 29 AUGUST 2021

Come and meet the new emerging projects and weave the web of change at the European Ecovillages Meeting? (this summer online, you know why).

(there will be simultaneous translation into Spanish ?)

We are waiting for you

? Let’s continue to NETWORK ?

IKI-GAIA Eko-plan for planetary eco-heritage

Living in a tribe, doing what we like and developing our gifts and talents, feeling useful until the end of our days and integrated in a community, are guarantors of happiness/longevity.

After 10 years of experimenting community life in rented and ceded spaces, promoting permaculture, sustainable living and the recovery of our sovereignties by example, and investigating land and legal/administrative strategies to carry out a holistic ecovillage project on rustic land where we can focus on water retention and regeneration of our environment, the time has finally come to give birth to IKI-GAIA in a space of our own!

In Spain, as in a large part of the planet, it is very complicated to start projects in rural areas (and even more so in collective projects) due to the legal obstacles we find when it comes to building. Hence, our model of alternative educational project (free school) + sustainable human settlement (ecovillage), which already has urban viability, is a great opportunity to promote rural repopulation and job creation, as well as to facilitate living in coherence to all beings who feel called to return to the land and cultivate their food and health in an environment of nature, respect and mutual support.

Although nowadays many people approach this type of project because they see it as a “way out” to survive the collapse of civilisation and the systemic crisis we are experiencing, we want to notice that more than a way out, for us it is a way in, an invitation to live in coherence with our most human values and principles, those that have allowed the continuation of the species.

IKI-GAIA is a warm invitation to connect with your ikigai (reason for being or life purpose), to develop your unique gifts and talents and to live in TRIBU embracing all generations, as we have always done if we look a little further back in history.



February 29th from 10:30h

Buenas familias soñadoras ?

First of all, I wish you a wonderful start to February, the decade and year 2020 of dream manifestations.

We have started the year with great clarity by reviewing visions, dreams and… all the lands we have researched this last decade for the Eco Village project in Axarquia with the Gaia School and Socio-cultural and Healing Center as the focus! And, well, I would like to share with you that this last year has opened up a couple of very interesting new possibilities…

The project of Escuelita GAIA has been taken up again after Christmas in our space in Almayate and we are at full capacity, growing as an Eco-community of Learning.

We are also looking for a bigger space for the next school year so that we can include more families in the project!

We have several real proposals to start the “big” project very soon, if everything keeps flowing. Some proposals are smaller, and others are bigger that could include more people and dreams.

We would like to invite you on Saturday, February 29th from 10:30h – until 18:00h in our space in Almayate to an intimate day to tell you how we are and how we would like to collaborate and support each other to fulfill dreams.

We feel ready to take the step and buy/rent with option to buy – depending on the case – and, above all, to commit ourselves.
It will depend on how many of you are prepared to manifest your dream this year or next year with us, who will choose one or the other. The strength, human and economic resources that are generated with a small group is not the same as with a large one.

Call us at 659 10 98 09 or send us an email to confirm attendance, know the details of the day and send you the location.

25.01.2020 Open door day of Eco-Learnning Community Gaia


en la EcoComunidad de Aprendizaje GAIA

Defies the rain of the last Saturday, we spent a lovely day with the families around the fireplace in the little wooden houses of the school.

That’s why…we repeat this weekend, even if it rains 😉

It is a pleasure to invite you again to our Open Day this Saturday 25th JANUARY after the Practical Workshop on Nonviolent Communication that Delphine will give in our space in Almayate.


11:30h Nonviolent Communication Workshop

14:00h Organic vegan meal with menus at 6, 8 and 10 euros to support Gaia educational project.

16:00h Informative talk about the educational project Gaia and the ecovillage project associated with it




ECO Educational Space GAIA ( ALMAYATE )

We open our GAIA space in Almayate on the weekends to workshops, activities and talks about healthy living, respectful breeding and communication, art and music, etc. and everything else that comes up…

The Talk – practical workshop on Nonviolent Communication will be facilitated by Delphine from 11:30h to 14:00h

FOOD AND INFORMATIVE TALK ABOUT EDUCATIONAL PROJECT: From the Gaia space we will offer organic vegan menu for 6, 8 and 10 euros from 14:00h and a small informative talk at 16:00h.


Free workshop / by conscious contribution to cover expenses.

Confirm attendance at 659 10 98 09


Last briefing before the start!


The Annual Training -certified by the Center for NonViolent Communication-? and planned for 1 Saturday a month starting in February-, in which we will train more deeply in this tool so that the Gaia project can grow with it, is about to close registration. More info: here


…we could share a trip once a month if you join the cours ;)!

✨✨… unique transformative opportunity in southern Spain to develop your emotional intelligence, acquire powerful tools to connect with yourself and others, integrate keys to conflict resolution, and create a world where the needs of all count. ??????




Our Gaia educational project began to take shape more than a year and a half ago when we started with the family meetings.

It has been a very very long pregnancy, with several attempts to give birth that didn’t finish blooming; apparently GAIA was premature, that’s why the space we wanted to buy, Nidolea, didn’t come out.
…Now, after several months of hard work and adaptations to the unforeseen events that occurred in August with the other space 1 month before we moved in, our baby GAIA is now mature and has decided to be born in our home in Almayate. Luckily, the mango farm where we live has more than 2 hectares , already had several small wooden houses, etc.. ideal for a small educational project ;

Thanks to the families that continue to believe in GAIA and make the effort to also start contributing economically so that the project takes shape and try to be sustainable economically also!

We are happy to start small and very very grateful for all the contributions and learning we have experienced so far in this TRIP?




por correo electrónico:

por móvil:
+34 / 659 10 98 09