09.10.2021 WORKSHOP: PERMACULTURE Introduction

09.10.2021 WORKSHOP: PERMACULTURE Introduction

A holistic, ethical design sience

In this workshop held by Daniel Stocker, coordinator of different permaculture projects in and around the Axarquía in Málaga (Monte Alegre, Los Rosales...), you will learn about Permaculture, its philosophy and ethics. We show you all the work which has be done in the last years on the site and explain the interconnectedness of the components. He will explain how you can start a Food Forest.

Saturday 09 of October 2021
held on the Finca La Sacristía close to Macharaviaya, Málaga, Spain.
Location: GoogleMaps


Saturday 20.04.2019   10:00 - 19:00

  • Opening circle and getting to know each other
  • Getting to know the land Finca la Sacristía
    • A little history
    • The PERMACULTURE Philosophy
    • The PERMACULTURE Ethics
    • What is sustainability?


  • Why planting a tree if you can plant an ecosystem! (practical)
  • Understanding LIVING SYSTEMS
    • Methods of design
  • Food Forest
    • What is it?
    • Why we need one?
    •  How to start one in a arid / semi arid zone?
      • Pioneer plants
      • Succession

During the workshop we will serve you very delicious organic vegan food and offer accommodation. All on a donation basis.


    • Workshop 60.-€

How to get to the FINCA LA SACRISTÍA


Daniel Stocker is a Swiss musician - double bass player - living in Málaga, who has been working on various permaculture projects in the Axarquía for more than five years. His main project is Monte Alegre, where he designed the water retention landscape and coordinated the permaculture work with his accumulated experience. The Forest Garden Project Monte Alegre is 4 years old and has more than 500 plants that are only irrigated with collected rainwater! After several years of voluntary work in other projects and participation in permaculture workshops and seminars that fascinated him - such as the seminar on water retention landscapes in Tamera (Portugal) www.tamera.org- - he started to advise companies and private individuals. His main focus is on soil regeneration including the reproduction of native microorganisms, the creation of water retention landscapes, reforestation and the creation of forest gardens in dry zones.


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