África Nieves

África Nieves

Yerbera, Naturopath, Temazcalera, farmer, mother of three daughters ...

"Medicinal Herbs and Plant Alchemy in Autumn"

We will learn about medicinal plants applied to the different body systems that are related to the autumn season and we will make a medicinal ointment.

Time: 2 hours

About África

Co-founder of the Permaculture project "Los Guindales" founded in 2003 in the Genal Valley (Malaga).
2003, in the Genal Valley (Malaga) developing a design of Permaculture in Nature, sharing group living and remembering the essential values as human beings.

Los Guindales is formed by two interdependent projects, the School of Bioconstruction and the Guindales House dedicated to Natural and Ancestral Medicine.

Social Worker (Social Dynamizer and collector of peasant knowledge), Yerbera, Naturopath, Temazcalera, Integral Therapist in personal processes of consciousness, facilitator of women's circles, farmer, mother of three daughters, alchemist of the line of medicinal herbal preparations "Icara", Researcher of the ancestry and spirituality of the territory of Andalusia.

Contact: Facebook/ Instagram: Casa Guindales


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