And you? When are you coming to meet us and feel IKI-GAIA?

There are several ways to approach IKI-GAIA in this pioneering phase:

  • Doing “experiential Iki-tourism” and collaborating a few hours a day in the ecovillage by staying in our IKI-GAIA hostel, camping or spending a few days in your caravan. Places are very limited and priority is given to IKI-GAIA members and sympathising members!
  • Participating in the monthly music event that we have open every month (See below the pictures of the June event and the next proposed dates).
  • About-volunteering (at the moment we only welcome profiles with experience in masonry, carpentry, bio-construction, electricity, plumbing, Permaculture and similar and we have 2 places for experienced companions from alternative schools etc.).

Write to us giving us as much details as possible about your availability and motivation so that we can share the details with you and check the availability of the group to host you.






Impressions about the wonderful inauguration party of our ecovillage bar-terrace on June 17th ?.

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We are happy to share with you that we are already planning to host another event with live music and vegan catering in July so you can feel IKI-GAIA live!!. Make a reservation in your diary for the 22nd of July from 19h.

If you can’t come, we advise you to come to an online meeting to feel us on both sides and move forward with the process of getting closer to each other.


We will soon share with you the dates and proposals open to sympathising members and the general public.


This year we are hosting a multi-meeting of the RIE (Iberian ecovillage network) in our own space. We are happy to welcome you and hope that you can spend a few days co-creating a beautiful event full of sharing from the heart, SaLUZ and LIFE and full of visions that will allow us to continue weaving the network of Change.

For more information about the RIE multi-meetings click here.
If you want to register and reserve your place (we are only open to 100 people this year) click here.

We will let you know soon about upcoming events, courses and seminars in the new space. Subscribe to our newsletter or become a supporting member to be informed in advance of developments (you are a supporting member when you have paid the annual membership fee of 50 €).

If you would like to come to our next intimate meetings of our supporting members in person or online, you need to take the second step of the approach and become a supporting member.


In this month of organisation and moving, we are ALSO looking forward to the internal newsletter with more information on progress, use of spaces, calendar of internal events and visits from sympathising members.

We remind all of you who have not renewed your membership this year, that you have until the end of June to make the 50€/yearly payment and benefit from all the advantages of being a sympathising member of the IKI-GAIA project.

We leave you the account number:
ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre
CONCEPT: cuota socio 2022
or renovación cuota

If you do not remember if you have renewed it, write to us at


We have created a channel to share the progress of the project with all our subscribers. If you want to join click here

From the 1st of July we will leave the telegram group of the internal ecovillage to inform in a more intimate way only to the sympathising members ? If you are a member and you are not yet in this group let us know by telegram or by mail so that we can include you.

The rest of you will be able to receive the newsletters about upcoming events that we send to our thousands of subscribers if you are subscribed to our newsletter:?

Thank you for your support and trust and for being sources ? of inspiration for  Semilla Monte Alegre?.


<p>We celebrate that in IKI-GAIA we are already <b>40 adults + 18 children /teenagers </b>of different nationalities, who have gathered resources, gifts and talents and that we have <b>ALREADY!!</b> put in writing (by signing contracts and sending participation fees to the project account) our commitment to IKI-GAIA. There are less and less places left for pioneers at this stage! Start the process to apply to become a pioneer and/or reserve (up to 3 years) a place, and keep preparing yourself…,</p>
<p><b>We already have more than 10 social lenders (who invest between 10.000 (minimum to be a social lender) and 175.000€) who support us by lending us money to be paid back in 5 years, most of it interest free ;)</b>. Some of them with the intention of spending some time with us to feel if it is their project, while they are preparing themselves, to join and then move on to another membership figure of more active participation and to be able to reserve a plot of land.  Others invest in IKI-GAIA, aware of the urgency of investing in projects that favor the development of a new humanity!</p>
<p>This month we are accompanying <b>15 adults and 11 children </b>in the process of approaching and feeling if it is IKI-GAIA, here in the subtropical south of Europe (Malaga) and with our tribe where they want to project themselves, and us with them;)</p> <p>The next face-to-face meeting where those who are advancing in the process will be able to meet a large part of the driving group, the wonderful place and all the details of the project (timeline, participation models, how the exit of the project works and returns, etc.)<br /> Date to be determined</p>


There are less and less places left to participate in the 1st phase of IKI-GAIA before the opening of the campsite estimated in 2 years, which we have limited to 20 nuclei (groups of coexistence or individuals) in order to create the structure and the bases of the project that will make possible the entrance of more beings starting from the 3rd year when the singular bioclimatic campsite is officially open.

If our project resonates with you, if you want to live your dream NOW and you feel like a pioneer, you are still in time! There are some places left for PAMEF (pioneer stable founding member aspirant), and some more for AMEPAF (passive stable founding member aspirant) where you can, in addition to benefiting from all the advantages of founders, reserve a plot or an eco-bungalow in the campsite for up to 3 years.



Are you ready or getting ready to try a season or join us to co-create a future project in the south of Spain with us…?
NOW?, in 1 month?, in 6 months? to start next school year with us?, next year?, in 2/3 years?

If you want to reserve a place as a pioneer in the 1st phase of the project, (next 24 months) or from the 2nd or 3rd year onwards, what are you waiting for to contact us by email?

To see more details of the participation models that we have opened click on the following link.


?The great common dream that drives us to action following our ikigai (reason to BE o or life purpose) for so many years continues to manifest in all its beauty this new cycle of abundance, blessings and materialization? Welcome to write to us if it is time for you to synchronize and manifest :

1st STEP
<p>The best way to start the approach with us is to participate in one of the online meetings that we have opened in 4 languages. To do so, we only ask you to fill in this <a href="">QUESTIONNAIRE</a> (if you haven't already done so).</p> <p><a href="">Here you can see the agenda of ONLINE OPEN MEETINGS</a> (to non-members) scheduled for this month and next month.  Each month we offer 4 presentations on the vision, key projects and current process of IKI-GAIA in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and German.</p> <p>We encourage you to book an appointment with us in your calendar!</p>


2nd STEP
<p>If you feel the call to co-create an ecovillage project about to materialize the great common Dream in its own land abundant with water, infrastructures, forest and with the capacity to host hundreds of dreams, or simply to support us, we recommend you to start/accelerate the <a href="">process of approaching us</a> by becoming a <a href="">supporting member</a> so that we can formally start the process, and we can share extended information about the participation models, the entry fee, the timeline, etc. and with all the information and clear figures, you can assess whether this proposal is an option for you and your family.</p>


3rd STEP
<p>If what you are seeing and hearing, and above all feeling in your heart, resonates with you, as a third and indispensable step, we invite you to participate in the intimate face-to-face meeting of the IKI-GAIA ecovillage that we organize once a month. To do so, you must have completed the above steps.</p>



We leave you the schedule of OPEN ONLINE MEETINGS (open to non-members) scheduled for this month and the next, so that you can pop in, feel and decide if you want to continue with the approaching process or collaborate with us:

We would like to remind those of you who have already taken the step of becoming supporting members of our Semilla Association or are considering doing so, that in our monthly meeting we will be able to deepen in getting to know eachother, see the possible sinergies and collaborations that could arise and above all it will be an ideal moment to answer your questions that may come up.

Look here for the date of the INTIMATE ONLINE MEETING of this month an the next so you can start preparing your questions.

!!We answer questions in 5 languages!!! ( spanish,french, german,english and italian).


Aligned with our individual, group and planetary ikigais, with focus, determination and strong determination of our mission, and always respecting individual processes, we encourage you to always follow the path of the heart and establish avenues of cooperation with IKI-GAIA if you feel so.

Blessings to all of you who have believed in Semilla Monte Alegre and brought LIGHT to the process ???

Let’s keep inspiring each other weaving the NETWORK and cooperating with the new paradigm that is emerging ?

And that the letter full of deep blessings and good wishes that the sellers gave us to purchase and that we share with you below confirms.

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