The reception of our proposal has been very successful. In just a couple of weeks we created a network of 50 families interested in participating in this new school pilot project and since the first month we are working. In addition to Spanish families, there are many foreign families living in the Axarquía area who are very interested in giving their children a different education where the values of sustainability, community, respect, cooperation, solidarity and altruism are paramount. Some families have started to move close to the school and organize themselves to share cars with those who come from far away.

We started 4 WEEKS ago with a group of 8 children from 2 to 6 years of age in a ceded farm near Torre del Mar, 1 km from the sea and next to a "wild" mountain declared Phoenician heritage.
We are waiting for a couple of more families to register to start in November with the primary group from 6 to 9 years old.
By the way, we are looking for primary school companion with experience in forest school, permaculture, Education for Sustainable Development and/or living methodologies.

The curriculum of Gaia Education in which we are inspired for the development of our pilot school project in the Axarquia of Malaga is in accordance with its key values, which include:

  • respect the living Earth as our planetary home;
  • honor unity through diversity;
  • celebrate the diversity of cultures;
  • promote social justice and environmental awareness;
  • empower individuals and local actors;
  • increase awareness and human potential;

In this pdf (PROJECT GAIA SCHOOL AXARQUÍA) you can see more information about us and our proposal. In addition, you can read a summary about the International Association Gaia Education, and the first European Gaia school approved and subsidized International organizations with which we are collaborating to create the first GAIA school in Spain, and the second in Europe!
Although the first 100% Gaia school, recognized and homologated by the government, is in Estonia, there are GAIA schools in Brazil (Gaia Escola), India (Siddharthvillage Kakariguma, Odisha), Thailand (Gaia Schools Asia), Hong Cong, Denmark, Mallorca and others. The Gaia Schools Network and the founders of the first 100% Gaia school are helping us this academic year 2018/19 to create an educational curriculum adapted to the Spanish regulations in order to achieve state homologation.
In short, we have a very interesting education proposal to start in Malaga, adapted to the new challenges we face as humanity and as a planet.
We would like to establish the headquarters of the first Spanish GAIA school approved in the Axarquía area and, if possible, count on your support/collaboration.
This year, in the space ceded in Torre del Mar we do not yet have a closed classroom facing winter and we are looking for formulas and funds to build a dome and / or close a space ceded for our children from 2 to 6 years can learn warm.

The month of October we continue with the adaptation of the children that we have to the space and to the companions.
You are all welcome to try it for free!

Starting this week, we also extend Thursdays to 3 days a week.

Extracurricular activities are still in the process of being studied, but we welcome all spontaneous proposals - even if they only last for one day - to try and share.

On Friday afternoons the activities and workshops are open to adults as well! Proposals are welcome to raise funds for the construction of a closed classroom for the escuelita 😉 and/or to close one of the 4 domes that have been offered to us near the school for rainy days or indoor classes. You can also donate to us 🙂

For the month of November we would like to start with this educational program that we send you, and depending on the number of children who enroll, the monthly fee will be higher or lower.
But, we say beforehand that we don't want to start an elitist project.


Beneficiary: Monte Alegre Seed Association
IBAN: ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Concept: annual fee or school donation in case

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