7th of September 2019 NEXT INFO MEETING at Gaia School


Dear families!?

We have opened our registration process.  limited places!??-

Write down in CALENDAR!

Next Friday 07 SEPTEMBER at 19:00h we cordially invite you  to our information circle in our eco-educational space in our new Eco-village Gaia Nidolea to talk about our educational project for kids between 2 and 12 years old and all the family. Wellcome all families and projects who would like to become part of the homologated program of GAIA homeschooling. Bring your questions and doubts. And of course your children to enjoy our space.

Please find some more detailed information below.


If you have questions or you need more information, We will explain all the details by phone: (0034) 659 10 98 09

 You will be given WhatsApp Gaia group link so that you can join the group, where we only send the current and updated info about the events and family activities: grupo de WhatsApp Gaia 

 If you prefer to receive the information only by email, please send me your email address.

Thank you for sharing this iniciative with the families who might be interested in this project ??????


DETAILED INFO SCHOOL COURSE 2019/20 Eco-community of Learning GAIA

ACCOMMODATION at Ecoaldea GAIA Nidolea

In apartment: still possible
In camper van or own van, with the right to use all common spaces: communal kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool, green areas, etc. even possible, limited places.
Possibility of staying in own campervan for one month trial period – limited spaces

contact us for more details on 0034 659 10 98 09 or write to semilla@semillamontealegre.org


The scholarships -limited and only applicable to families that enroll more than one child-.

Right now, until we get a grant, we cannot offer scholarships to those who enroll only one child. We are working on it so that we are able to offer this possibility soon.

We are working to be able to offer this possibility soon through a school child sponsorship program. For more information on how it works click here.

The children who enroll for this course (2019/2020) will have a preference in the future.


The Eco-community of learning offers the timetable in the mornings, -flexible timetable- from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with extracurricular activities in the afternoons and option of joining the extra-curricular activities  on some days -splicing morning and afternoon-.


To see the statutes click here.

The annual fee is 50 €. As a sympathetic partner or member you have the right to participate in the extra-curricular activities, excursions and weekend activities that we organize. You will  be also covered by civil liability insurance.

In addition, you can offer / participate in the workshops that we organize, and receive discounts. Moreover, you can make inquiries and receive advice and legal support about free education through the ALE association of which we are members, and a lot of other advantages.


The monthly fee for families interested in participating in the activities proposed for mornings and weekends in our eco-educational space of the Eco-village Gaia Nidolea de Caleta de Vélez and be an active part of the Eco-community Learning Gaia will depend on the number of days you are interested in participating.

For those who take this option, it its not necessary to pay the annual membership fee of 50 euros, it is already included!

250 € (4 or 5 days/week)
200 € ( 3 days/week )
150 € (2 days/week, minimum participation for children under 6 years! and 1 or 2 days a week for children between 6 and 16 years!)


We offer a possibility to sign an agreement with educational projects. This basically means two options. Either you already have an educational project and would like to  bring a group (at least one day a week – 4 days a month) or you are interested in joining the homologated program of home education Gaia legally and/or benefit from joining at least 1 day a week the Education that promotes sustainable development of the the Planet at the social, environmental, economic and worldview level – the four dimensions of the sustainability-.


More info on the 4 dimensions of sustainability in the following link of the EDE course.

This course Ecovillage Design Education is essential to be a sustainable educator and must be done by all educators of our project.

Given the high demand of families, educators and professionals from different disciplines interested in training in sustainability through this course created by the International Association Gaia Education – we are doing our best to organize one in our space soon.

Mothers and fathers of children enrolled in our educational project interested in training will receive a 10% discount for the 4-week DTS course that we are planning for the next course. .


Inscription fee, only 1 single payment, 300 euros. 50 euros discount if done before June 28, 2019 (250 euros)

If they are more than 1 children, the second and third sibling do not pay the inscription  fee and the monthly payments can be paid between 30 – 50% with the scholarship.







This educational project was born with the vision of reaching food sovereignty as soon as possible. That is why, starting in September, part of the work with the entire educational eco-community will revolve around agroecology and food self-sufficiency.

The ecological and healthy food – vegetarian / vegan with a gluten-free and sugar-free option – is cooked and offered in our place to avoid waste, comparisons and temptations and, above all, to promote sustainability and sharing.

The children will always have an access to fresh, seasonal fruit.

At About 10: 00h children will be offered a toast of homemade spelt / rye bread and organic ? with avocado  – gluten-free option possible – and a glass of homemade vegetable milk.

At 1:00 pm – kindergarten group – healthy lunch – at least 3 days / week different versions of legumes: patés, hamburgers, etc. –

The primary education group  – we are still considering the needs of the families in order to establish the timetable.

The cost per individual day per meal will be 6 euros if the children are younger than 6 years. It will be 8 euros for children above 6 years old.

For those who choose  the monthly dining option (mandatory for the kindergarten  group) the monthly cost will be only:

100 euros (> 6), that is, 20 euros discount -5 euros a day.

140 euros (<6), that is 40 euros discount, -7 euros a day.


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