Information about meetings from April 1st to 3rd and from April 8th to 10th (Reservation of place)

Dear friend interested in our ecovillage project,

* Please reply to this message before Thursday, March 25th if possible in order to plan the logistics of the meeting as best as possible.*

  1. MEETING FROM APRIL 1 TO 3We advance you the information that we are going to reserve a space to accommodate people who want to come to our next meeting from April 1 to 3. In order to reserve the space that you will be able to enter from March 31 and stay until the night of April 4 (space you can see here) we need to know how many people want to come and how many nights they stay (dates of entry and exit). Therefore, it would be very helpful for us to know as soon as possible if you want to come and if you would come alone or with someone else by filling out this survey.We are closing registrations between today and Thursday 24 at 6PM.


Here you can see detailed information about the program and the place we are going to book. Regarding the cost we can give you the following information:

- Price per night in the place we are about to book: 20€ / night. Places are very limited!
If you come in your own motorhome or you want to put a tent there is more flexibility and we only ask a contribution of 5€ per day per person or 8€ per couple and families to contribute to the logistics of the event.

- Price for meals: 25€/day

- Contribution to cover the costs of organizing the meeting: 50€ per person. Children free of charge.

Other details of the event will be provided in a couple of days.

Do you want us to reserve a place(s) for you?
Contact us NOW, we are closing registrations!


For this second face-to-face meeting to be held in our space in Almayate we have few places left for accommodation.

Nights are 10€ or 15€ /night (children under 12 years 5€), depending on whether you sleep in a caravan or in a room.

If you come in your own motorhome or want to pitch a tent there is more flexibility and we only ask for a contribution of 5€ /night per person or 8€ per couple and families to contribute to the logistics of the event.

Contributions per meal are 20€/day and the contribution to the organization of the event is as usual 50€ per adult. Children are free.

We are looking forward to having you with us in April and to continue with the approaching agreement on both sides, we send you a long IKI-Alma-hug.

The Iki-Gaia team

Pd: We remind you that to come to the face-to-face meeting you must have fulfilled the prerequisites and the steps detailed here.

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