Good day  to you dear worldwide tribe  who is co-creating the new humanity.

We are pleased to share with you that in May we are entering a new phase of the IKI-GAIA ecovillage project where we need to  focus on the process of moving and creating an internal structure with the pioneer seed group of the project.

That is why we do not know yet when we will be ready to put energy back into these face-to-face  ecovillage meetings that we have been holding about once a month  in our transition place in Almayate over  the last year. Unforgettable meetings that have helped us to count on enough  future ecovillagers, collaborators and social lenders to start the desired phase of the project that will finally start in May, and  create the great international support network  that the project counts on.


We have opened a last face-to-face meeting from April 29 to May 1 to continue with the open approach processes, formalise  the last entries of  founding  members and start the approach process with those contacts who  are reaching out to us with a lot of clarity and focus, feel in  sync with our current moment in time and have a pioneer profile, or want to support us as social lenders.



Here you can have a look at the detailed programme.

As soon as we are on our own premises , the face-to-face  meetings will become "experience weeks",  the protocols for accepting new members will be longer and include trial periods.


As there are very few places left to participate in this pioneering phase from May 2022 to May 2024, we have made a call to the universe to attract/find those specific profiles who will  add their gifts and talents, as well as their professional experience, in the different areas we are developing. Permaculturists, carpenters, bio-constructors, professional secretaries with experience in  exceland databases,  web developers, graphic designers, plumbers, pedagogic guides with experience in free primary and secondary schools (or alternatives), bakers, people from the world of Art and Culture (musicians, plastic artists, people from circus and scenic arts), inner researchers connected with the Self and Nature are very welcome!!!

If you feel the call to meet part of the seed group, visit the wonderful flourishing piece of land  and feel/evaluate if this  is an option for you, fill out this survey and let us know by email as soon as possible to reserve a place for you. Very limited vacancies!!!!

Here you can see the  steps that are prerequisites in order  to participate in our face-to-face  meeting.

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