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Our GAIA SCHOOL model of Education in values and for the Sustainable Development and Regeneration of the Planet + ECOALDEA IKI-GAIA (or sustainable human settlement around it) has been designed taking care of all the details in order to welcome families and beings who feel that this is the future that the planet and humanity need and want to take the step to try it.

With a trial period of 3 years, and another 7 years to see if this is where you want to be, and continue to be from the absolute conviction and freedom, a world of possibilities opens in front of you to become a member of our project and worker of one of the projects that we promote from the beginning:

    • GAIA ECO-Learning Community
    • iKI-GAIA Organic Bakery and Restaurant
    • Agro-ecological projects
    • Ecological store
    • Permaculture Academy
    • Music and arts academy
    • organization of trainings and events
    • bioclimatic camping
    • IKI-GAIA foundation, etc


In IKI-GAIA, autonomy and economic independence, as well as the sacred space of each member, are fundamental axes that guarantee healthy human relationships (without dependence) based on trust and love. Hence, the Entrepreneurship Center of the project is one of the projects that we have already started to accompany you on this journey in search of your ikigai or in the materialization of your great dream with us.

To savor more of our proposal we leave you this short presentation that speaks for itself.
You can also read the last post of our website by clicking here if you haven't done it yet.


With a minimum financial contribution, you will be able to start collaborating and benefit from multiple advantages and be part of this dream at your own pace (in the way we both agree), without the pressure of having to make the decision from one day to the next.

Feeling if it is your place, in this project and with this family and tribe where you want to be for the next years, is fundamental for us and for the good development of the project. For this reason, we have designed a very flexible and innovative participation model that will allow you, without risking or investing large amounts, to start walking towards your ikigaia or individual and group life purpose and feel WHERE you want to project yourself, HOW, WHEN and WITH WHOM.

As guardians of the vision, we will simply take care that it is always aligned with mother GAIA, and all proposals are respectful of the welfare of children and the most vulnerable, who in our project will always have the prominent place they deserve.

Waiting for the right moment to take the step is fundamental, and from IKI-GAIA we are WAITING for you!


If, on the other hand, you have been feeling for a long time that this is the direction in which you want to focus your life, and you need to materialize it now and be coherent with your principles, write us an e-mail presentation or letter of motivation so that we can feel you and start the process!

To be a pioneer of our project, in addition to the economic contributions (deposit fee) and minimum volunteering work that help us to know each other and co-create, we only ask for a commitment to try (on both sides) for 3 years, after which you can recover the corresponding part of the deposit fee invested and continue on your way grateful for the experience and the learning that we take with us.

In this first phase of IKI-GAIA we welcome some more pioneers who enter with decision and resources that can help us move forward with the project in this pioneering phase prior to the opening of the campsite estimated for 2023.


Through an ROI investment model inspired by American models (return on investment), you can become an investor in our project, secure your savings and benefit from great advantages.

We know that our model is not for everyone and we are very selective with the individuals and companies that are interested in our project...

If you have at least 10.000 € to invest in IKI-GAIA or you want to participate in the creation of the IKI-GAIA Foundation, do not hesitate to contact us to get to know us and tell you the details.

Investing part of your savings and betting on IKI-GAIA in 2021 will offer you great advantages as founders of our project! What better place to invest your savings than in a life project that gives you the possibility to realize your dreams and those of your children.



+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)


If you feel that this is what your heart is looking for, it is your time to take the step to create and live in tribe an ecovillage of children and people committed to do individual and group work, or you are preparing to take the step to join such a project in the coming years, you can become a member of our association by clicking here and ask us by mail for more confidential information about the project, so we can start the process of rapprochement on both sides 😉

Donations of all kinds, with the best wishes of prosperity and blessings are very welcome to continue advancing with the materialization of this replicable model that will soon be able to serve, as contemplated in the vision, to everyone who needs it in this transitory phase we live in where it is necessary to surf the waves while the civilizational collapse is bottoming out, and a new humanity and a new paradigm emerge with strength and light.

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