IKI-GAIA Ecovillage Model, Axarquia (Málaga)

"IKI-GAIA": Model of a Sustainable Ecovillage

”To live in community, to feel useful and to be always engaged with what we love. Following a purpose in harmony with nature brings happiness"

EKOPLAN "IKI-GAIA" is a holistic i+D+i project where we co-create a HEALING BIOTOP that is developed and designed around an inter-generational, multidisciplinary and multicultural Center called Inspira-SanAccion: IKI-GAIA. In a natural environment with inspiring and coherent eco-educational work and living spaces, it is easy for the beings who live there to be connected to their IKIGAI, their purpose in life.

In all our actions/decisions we transversally integrate the view of the four dimensions of sustainability (social, ecological, cultural/worldview and economic) promoting the Circular Economy based on Resources

Guided by our IKIGAI (reason of being, purpose of life) individual and group, we cooperate with our MOTHER EARTH (GAIA) in her mission to regenerate, restore the harmony and facilitate abundance for EVERYONE.



For our Mother Gaia

Located within a Healing Biotope that we co-create together, our model of eco-school, slow tourism and sustainable ecovillage is designed to generate the minimum impact between the community of beings that inhabit it and the Nature around us.

We apply in a practical way water retention techniques in landscapes and regenerative practices,in order to help create more biodiversity and optimal environments for education, housing and sustainable ways of earning a living, where we can live and fully develop ourselves in complete harmony with nature around a resilient, coherent and mutually supportive social network where we are all references. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, feeling and experiencing in first person why certain practices and lifestyles help to care for the planet, while we care for people, will be an unforgettable sensorial experience that will help us understand why we have reached such a state of climatic emergency and disconnection with our essence, as well as reflect on what we can do and put into practice to reverse the situation in our daily lives.

For the whole family

Guided by the principles of Ethics, Common Sense, Shared Prosperity and Circular Economy, the whole family will be able to benefit from this life project designed to offer the best conditions of psycho-social-educational, emotional and motor development to children and future generations.

In a family and rural environment of explosive landscape beauty, we facilitate the participation in our ecovillage to volunteers, visitors and clients through the Socio-cultural Center and Ecological Restaurant, the Bioclimatic Camping, the Iki-Gaia Eco-Learning Community or the Farm School, the Co-housing of the Elderly, the SaLUZ Center, the Retreat House, the Birth House, the trainings, workshops and events that we organize or collaborate with some of their key projects in the fields of agro-ecology, technology, renewable energies, health, holistic education or creativity, etc.  It is a wonderful opportunity to work on individual and group development to discover our ikigai and put our gifts and talents at the service of the continium cambium and what it takes to promote the new paradigm that today's society and the planet need.


Uniting generations and cultures

Sharing as in a great Family by embracing each other in diversity, recognizing each other in complementarity and giving  back to our elders, the place they deserve in our society, as sources of experience and wisdom, is one of our main purposes.

Our Iki-Gaia ecovillage model is designed so that all generations can enjoy and benefit from the nutritious and necessary intergenerational, interdisciplinary and multicultural exchange of knowledge that occurs naturally and organically when we bring together the different cycles of life and different cultures. Through carefully designed residential, work and meeting spaces and celebrations, all generations will feel welcome to let their reason for being emerge and express their individuality, feeling they are heard, useful and participating in the co-creation of a great Common Dream that feeds back to each individual dream that is integrated into the global project in line with their vision.

Be HAPPY feeling as a co-creator of the WHOLE: EVERYTHING... YOUR ❤ WAS LOOKING FOR!

This beautiful project, located in a large Mediterranean Andalusian forest, with majestic oaks of even more than 9 meters high spread across the landscape, gives you the oportunity to participate in diferent ways:  spending some time in the bioclimatic campsite, with even the possibility of living there, in sustainable and passive housing of great comfort. It is an opportunity to live coherently covering vital needs of your whole family - education, food, health, etc.

Being integrated in an idyllic regenerative, healing and sensible environment, facilitates the deployment of all human potential by promoting synergies and collaborations between its members. The satisfaction of discovering/being aligned with your ikigai or purpose in life, accompanied by beings with similar values and principles who pursue a great global dream, are a guarantee of Well-being, Health and Longevity.


In this first phase of the project we offer the possibility to participate as pioneer investors in our project and acquire rights of use, - even for life - in the campsite, and other rights related to the reservation of offices and workshops in the coworking zone, as well as exclusivity for key projects in line with the global project a:

  • families and people of all generations interested in trying and joining the project or spending seasons in our facilities through the campsite model.
  • organized groups, companies, foundations, associations and cooperatives interested in developing and undertaking projects in line with the vision or with the desire to collaborate with some of our key projects.
  • dreamers with great capital and resources who want to commit to this new model of sustainable society from the transformation of the current educational system.

Of course, we are open to collaborations of all kinds. Along with material resources, human resources are very necessary in this first phase of implementation!

Do you join the CHALLENGE regain our SOVEREIGNTY by achieving Polysuficiency covering all the needs of all members:
Clean air, clean water, healthy nutrition dense food, sensible housing, true life education, social life, and personal and collective development?

Don't hesitate, it's NOW your time to secure your savings, contribute your grain to the great Common Dream and reserve a camping spot for yourself to continue taking steps in the direction of your dreams!

Choose your best option!

Make a donation

All the contributions add up in this first phase of the constitution of the Iki-Gaia Foundation which will promote the Iki-Gaia school and ecovillage model first in Malaga and then throughout the whole country and internationally. We are grateful for the maximum support from all our networks and the people who are aware of the importance of materializing these projects and working in a network at this time.

Donate Now

Donate Now

Participate as an investor

Your big chance to fulfill your dreams. Attractive advantages for the first 20 people or families who reserve a place and the first 10 who acquire a right of use for life in our bioclimatic campsite. Open of course to investors who are not interested in spending seasons with us and want to go for this model.
Write to us to make an appointment and explain the different modalities that we offer.


Participate as a member

Ecovillages would not exist without pioneers capable of visualizing them and ecovillagers who come to water the seeds and inhabit them. To be a pioneer of an integral life project like the one we started requires to be very coherent, visionary, to have a path in the world of individual development and to be very clear about what you want.
Call us to meet us at the next intimate ecovillage meeting that we organize.

How to start the process



We are aware that the regain of our SOVEREIGNTY in the fields of HEALTH, EDUCATION, FOOD, and ENERGY are the basis of any successful process of deep transformation of society, as well as the central role played by individualized and respectful Education in the formation of FREE BEINGS with a critical spirit. We want to BE GOOD REFERENCES AND SOURCES OF INSPIRATION to facilitate from the EXAMPLE the replication of the New Paradigm in all areas of life.

Driven by the implementation of the educational project for children of compulsory school age that next year 2021/22 would start its 4th year of life and an interdisciplinary Academy of PermaCulture - Semilla Monte Alegre - and for all generations that nourishes it with practice, wisdom and coherence, our Center of Inspira-San-Acción offers us the ideal framework to develop all other projects that feed back into the school: Farm School and Holistic Livestock, Science, Arts and Technology Laboratories, Arts and Crafts Schools, Socio-cultural Center, etc.  Projects aligned with Iki-Gaia's vision that promote the development of SOVEREIGN beings capable of discerning, facing the challenges of society and the planet and materializing their individual and collective dreams.


This project is born from the recognition  that Education has the central role  in the formation of VALUES and in social action, as well as from the total commitment with the TRANSFORMATION of the educational process to promote a NEW PARADIGM that favors the replication of sustainable and equitable societies.

Our motor and integral life project, which is already in its third year  (and already has a homeschooling program approved in Estonia while the approval process is underway in Spain), allows the reunion of families with similar values who want to be participants in the co-creation of a different holistic school where the cooperation of the entire educational community - students, companions and family members - among themselves and with their environment, is essential for the proper development of the school.

Acting locally and thinking globally, we encourage the participation and collaboration of people from different generations, disciplines and cultures, aware that the future of the planet will depend on us offering them, NOW and despite the context of integral crisis that we are suffering, the best conditions for their psycho-social, physical and emotional development.


Due to the great acceptance and demand that exists between tourists, foreign resident families, and Spanish families that want to complement the education of their children with a more outdoor educational proposal that emphasizes on environmental education and values, we have decided to open a more public area, a bioclimatic campsite, and offer attractive options for the whole family designed to bring children closer to nature and develop their commitment to the environment. With a large natural swimming pool, a farm-school where the children can feed the animals, a large garden area with native trees and fruit trees to learn about the local ecosystem and the arts of farming, a biotope where they can discover how the amphibians of the region live, etc. being at Iki-Gaia will be an unforgettable experience.

Through Iki-Gaia Slow rural tourism, you will also be able to approach this holistic project as a collaborator and try out a more conscious and coherent lifestyle, complementing, at the same time, the holistic education of your children in an environment of Nature, respect and sustainability that values our heritage, customs and traditions in a very enjoyable and original way.


We will also organize tours along the hiking trails so that you can discover the vegetation and fauna native to the area; climbing days; visits to the mini Iki-gaia Adventure Park and other spots of tourist interest in the area.

And to complement the proposal of the campsite: concerts, workshops and talks of all kinds about the environment, recognition of edible wild plants, healthy family cooking, arts and crafts, etc. and of course, circus shows to make your stay in our campsite an unforgettable experience!


Located in one of the most beautiful places in Axarquia, the Iki-gaia campsite will offer different types of accommodation so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs: spacious bungalows, stone, wood or earthbag houses, plots to erect your own tent or yurt or park your vehicle or caravan, caravans to accommodate a whole family, as well as shelters built of wood and comfortable cotton tents with enough space for four people. All powered by wind energy and heating systems for the winter based on olive pits.

Pioneers, collaborators and long and short term visitors, as well as organized groups from all over the world will be able to rent even campsite cores to do their own training or activities and participate in those offered by Iki-Gaia in a magical, unique and inspiring environment.


The designs of our houses are conceived, paying special attention to the materials that we find in the area and the use of energy, prioritizing the passive systems to reduce the energy demand (good orientation, heavy elements with high thermal inertia, sizing of windows, compact designs, grouping of installations, etc).

With unbeatable acoustic, thermal and air quality comfort, the passive houses that we are planning in the campsite act in a similar way to an insulated thermos, since it maintains its content at a correct temperature, without the need for active heating or cooling, as happens with a coffee machine. Its ventilation system imperceptibly supplies the necessary fresh air, avoiding the formation of humidity and the generation of mould.

With our approach to housing, we try to address the future moment to which we are doomed with new regulatory requirements from climate change and the temporalityof natural resources, so that it results in a benefit in the long run, from the proper use of resources

Ecological restaurant, natural swimming pool, SaLUZ and care center, mini Adventure Park, Cohousing of seniors, Conference and multipurpose room...



If you are interested in receiving more information about the progress of our projects or you are simply in tune with what we are promoting, become a member of Semilla Monte Alegre -click here- and send us, if you can, a generous donation.

Your subscription as a member, besides offering you countless advantages and discounts as a supporter and future collaborator, helps us to water the seeds and continue growing as a project and a great family

Raquel Dominguez Segura

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