Progress on Permaculture and Upcoming seminars:

The 1st seminar on Water Retention in Landscapes at IKI-GAIA was a great success and brought the rain. Don't miss these impressions!

We are in full swing with the preparation of the garden and the first crops are coming in: Lettuce and zucchini! Tomatoes and Peppers in bloom. We are also suffering losses due to pests.... We still have to improve the soil! That's why Nicole is in full speed with the JADAM!

After a loss of 100'000 Liters of water due to a burst pipe (factory failure!), we have bought a pump to pump water from the fountain next to the house to the Flexi tanks 50m higher on the rock. Both are almost full! In total we have 200'000 Liters which helps us to overcome the drought!


Osiris and Daniel are working every day for a few hours with the mini excavator. Meter by meter they are advancing with the infiltration trench (aka Swale). Where the surplus of the fountain flows and infiltrates to take advantage of every drop of water that our beautiful fountain gives us!

We have also taken advantage of the rain and we have planted many shrubs such as: Atriplex, Vitex, Retama, Laurel... Thanks PERMANESER.ORG team!!!
We have also planted green fertilizer.


We are in full preparation for the course of creation of natural swimming pool... Most importantly we have finished THE PROMO VIDEO!!!

⭐️Próximos seminarios sobre Permacultura:

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