Schetinin Program 2023

Do you dare to get involved in this wonderful Pedagogy and Technique that we offer for the 1 time in Spanish Language and in Spain that  will lead (guaranteed✨ ) your life and the lives of the  human beings around you to more joy and lightness ? Are you ready for that present for your Soul and your 🧠 & for your family?

The first  days Research Seminars in 3 languages about the Schetinin Pedagogy from Tekos  school celebrated in IKI-GAIA ecovillage (Spain) last months Successful & very intergenerational. Just wonderful!!

The ISKA Seminars that we are already bringing to Spain with the support of ISKA and Rakel, founder together with Daniel of IKI-GAIA, to deepen in the Schetinin pedagogy in practice and develop our gifts and talents, are so special that are included in the "mandatory" program of individual and group development of our ecovillage IKI-GAIA in Màlaga.

A great gift for your Soul, your 🧠 and all your Clan!!! suitable for all generations and especially for those of us who are on this path of creating regenerative projects, Ecovillages /communities, empowerment and sovereignty at all levels 😉 the New Humanity 🌝🔥💦🌱🌈

⭐️Nexts Seminars organized at IKI-GAIA to learn in practice techniques of the holistic model of development of the Self of Schetinin Pedagogy:

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