Dominik Wezel

Dominik Wezel


The time is ripe - the old system has broken down, and with it the loyalty with which I, as a Swiss guy, proudly defended my country with its oh-so-special direct democracy.

I went through the first 6 phases of collapse in several waves (2001, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2020, 2022): shock, denial, insight, acceptance, trial and error, realisation. Now, with IKI-GAIA, I am entering the seventh and final phase of the seventh wave, integration: this sacred place that is part of the new system will be a lifeline, refuge and at the same time a paradise for those of us who dare to face the horror of collapse and rise up to create something new that is even greater than what we had before: local self-sufficiency and healing independence from an infected, corrupted system remotely controlled by dark forces.

The time is also ripe for me to turn to what is truly meaningful: away from slave labour for insurance companies and banks to working with the land, the people and the resources we have on our property, using my personality and finally making my pioneering experience in many fields my profession, my vocation, my IKIGAI. Is there anything more beautiful to look forward to?

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