Questionnaire for those interested in becoming members of an ecovillage (future ecovillagers or “IKIGAIAKIS”)

Do you feel called to live or try living in an ecovillage project?

Have you been a "pioneer", "seed" or helped in the creation of any community project, ecovillage, permaculture…?

From when could you imagine taking the step to join as a probationary or pioneer member?

How can you imagine living until we can allocate you a bungalow or campsite accommodation in 2023 in this pioneering phase?

Computer skills between 1-5 (1 = no idea and 5 expert level) ?

In which working circle would you like to initiate the collaboration?

You can detail if your contribution would be of …

If you can imagine starting the approach as a collaborator, what time availability do you have to collaborate?

Do you have experience working in a sociocratic way? Choose from 1 to 5 (1 = nothing and 5 expert level)


The data collected with this questionnaire will only be used by our association to respond to your requests to join our project and to send you information about our projects.

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