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La llamada pedagogía Schetinin que se lleva aplicando en la famosa escuela de Tekos (Rusia) desde hace 30 años no sólo está considerada una de las mejores pedagogías del mundo , sino que también es un modelo holístico replicable que, gracias a Josef (fundador de ISKA), está cada vez más extendido en los países de habla alemana, y ahora gracias a la labor de Rakel, fundadora de IKI-GAIA, también en lengua castellana. ¿Te atreves a experimentar las bondades de esta maravillosa técnica que sin duda, te proporcionará más alegría y ligereza en tu vida y en la de los que te rodean?


🌸 The School promotes the enormous creative power revealed in every human being 🌺

Our children and the future of humanity deserve an educational model centered on BEING 💞 where they learn to see UNITY.

This school is not a preparation for "life" - the school is LIFE itself.  They live every moment they breathe.  The joy of creating real things and giving real help is the most rewarding thing.They do it all with the mission to reclaim our true essence and bring back to planet Earth the era of consciousness and peace....The students of this school grow up with a stable and beautiful personality, broadly educated, not only intellectually, but also with the heart. They are mentally, physically and spiritually developed beings. Children are responsible, cooperative, clear and firm about their ideals and goals, they acquire a personality that is perceived as part of the whole contributing to the betterment of humanity.

🌿 Do you know the school named in Anastasia's books?

You will certainly not find another place like it on earth where interpersonal relationships are so consciously and constantly worked on as the basis of life and the transmission of knowledge and wisdom. 🌍 On the slopes of the highest mountain in Europe, in a valley with glacier-fed springs, surrounded by ancient megaliths and natural power points, lies a school where the future of humanity is being forged.

Mikhail Petrovich SCHETININ

Desde hace 3 décadas, un visionario ruso, Mikhail Schetinin, ha estado rompiendo los puntos de vista, tanto tradicionales como "alternativos", sobre la educación, creando al mismo tiempo, el nuevo futuro de la humanidad.

“El ser humano puede hacerlo todo. Nuestro propósito es la elevación del ser humano, actuar en armonía con la sociedad, un ser humano capaz de ver y analizar los fenómenos que le rodea y que pueda sentir su interconexión, percibir el mundo como un todo”.

"Es muy importante que los niños se sientan libres, vengan y vayan como quieran!! Aquí  no damos importancia a la edad, maestros y alumnos se mezclan. Rechazamos la idea de que alguien tiene que ser enseñado. Nuestra memoria ancestral colectiva tiene el conocimiento de las leyes del cosmos, así como de las técnicas para vivir en el espacio cósmico, por eso, rechazamos la idea de que hay algo que el alumno no sabe".

Schetinin developed a model school in harmony with Anastasia's Dream ☘️ (See Vladimir Megre's masterpiece)



The official mathematics curriculum that other children do in 10 years of schooling at Tekos they learn it all in 1 year. They also cover the entire high school curriculum in one year, and many of them acquire university degrees by the age of 17.

When they study, they don't worry about grades, but about how they will explain what they have learned to their peers and how they will be able to pass it on. That is the motivation they need to learn, because what they have learned, they will have to teach to future generations.

They have been entrusted with the principle of the learning process and place great importance on service to others. What they do learn very well is to understand the soul, aspirations and thoughts of other individuals. Mathematics in itself is not important, but as a process towards TRUTH.

...in the afternoon they always take an hour to reflect on the day and their relationships with each other and the world.


Their schedules are divided between cooking, carpentry, construction, painting frescoes on the walls…

🥗 They cook their own meals, do administrative tasks and write their own textbooks. They contemplate the meaning of the Universe and swim in mountain streams. They dance, draw, sing and pick strawberries in the surrounding fields...They master ancient folk crafts awakening their ancestral memory, which goes beyond any written history we now know; they work and write their own text books....

Girls choose not to wear mini-skirts, make-up or flashy jewelry. They are not interested in TV or video games.

In general they have hardly any teachers, only a few teachers of music, English, sewing... The boarding school is organized in groups of pupils where a mentor is in charge of 4 children younger than him to support them in everything and not allow them to fall behind in their studies.


The children and teenagers have designed, built and decorated their own campus. All the school facilities, including study spaces, an auditorium, administrative office, kitchen area, dining area, toilets, showers, flats and other facilities have been designed and built by the students.

All these construction works are full of delicacy and beauty and reflect the inner nature and talents of the students and the excellent quality of school activities. 


ISKA is a "happy learning space" where education is the central pillar, along with healing and community, and where transformation is allowed to emerge.

This energetic field that is created is where we are all allowed to unfold and step into our power. It is created through a lot of mindfulness, trust, enthusiasm, clear structures, humility, high vibration, awareness, self-discipline, respect, joy, willingness, ability to let go and work on detachment and being of service.

ISKA, thanks to Schetinin's impulses and techniques, has created a model that allows (or encourages) the power, gifts and talents of beings to flourish, promoting the development of the BEING in its fullest expression.

The model has the capacity to foster a new humanity and a new union.


Desde hace 3 décadas, un visionario ruso, Mikhail Schetinin, ha estado rompiendo los puntos de vista, tanto tradicionales como "alternativos", sobre la educación, creando al mismo tiempo, el nuevo futuro de la humanidad.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Thanks to Josef, the only person authorised by Shetinin to promote the pedagogy outside of Russia, and the hard work of the ISKA embaators, the pedagogy has been spreading more and more in German-speaking countries for almost 4 years now. For upcoming seminars in German-speaking countries, click here.


With the support of ISKA, cooperation partner Rakel is in the process of setting up a school project in IKI-GAIA by September 2023 and building a strong network in Spain together with like-minded people who are willing to try out this wonderful model.

Thanks to Rakel's association "Semilla Monte Alegre", since March this year also ISKA seminars are offered in Spanish speaking countries in her ecovillage IKI-GAIA. For the first time, the seminars are held in Spanish and in a total of 3 languages (also in English and German!!).

To see the upcoming seminars in Spain, click here.




We draw our strength from common strengths and encouragement, so that with an open heart we can shape change in these challenging times in a lively way.

To see the program of our seminars, please click here.

Seminar on Educational Research according to M. P. Schetinin

This seminar is ideal to get a first impression of M. P. Schetinin's pedagogy. The seminar allows you to experience exemplary practice sequences, to learn in small groups and to immerse yourself in the daily structure of this wonderful learning method.

We welcome everyone who would like to join us on the way to "happy learning" for themselves and for our children.

Multicultural Family Camps/Seminars according to M. P. Schetinin

Through this proposal, children of all generations are integrated into a natural and living structure based on Schetinin's pedagogy, in which a lot of joy of life is generated within families and between families.

Seminars for young people

Together we shape our days, from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed. We create new things in meaningful projects about nature. We make crafts, we cook, we dance, we sing, we carve, we play, we are creative, with and in nature. We immerse ourselves in moving conversations and share our diverse and insightful experiences.

In October, also in Spain with us!

Specialized seminars

These are seminars on specific topics that allow us to deepen our knowledge of certain subjects and trades (communication, carpentry, permaculture, raw vegan cooking, etc.), which are developed according to the structure of this pedagogy and constantly activate both hemispheres of the brain.

From the end of September/beginning of October, at IKI-GAIA we will also be organizing permaculture seminars according to this model for all generations!


IKI-GAIA is a regenerative and sustainable project that seeks sovereignty in all areas and reconnection with our individual, group and planetary ikigai or "meaning of life", so that all generations can once again live together and support each other in absolute harmony and cooperation with nature.

Rakel, founder of the ecovillage IKI-GAIA, is an anthropologist, journalist, expert in ecovillage design and education for sustainability and facilitator of processes aimed at accelerating the development of the New Humanity. Together with her partner Daniel, a Swiss expert in permaculture and water retention in landscapes, as well as a Jazz bass player and IT expert, Rakel has managed to bring to life this great vision to create the basis for a new Humanity.

To find out more about the ecovillage project visit the ecovillage section of our website and if you want to know more about our vision and our moment visit us at an open day, seminar... or participate in an online meeting. Check out the events section to see the options we offer.


At the beginning of September we will run the 2-week ISKA certified level 1 seminar (to which we offer a limited number of places to interested people) to deepen the knowledge of mathematics and biology and to initiate the whole school community in sync.

During the months of April, May and June we will hold 1-day introductory seminars in 3 languages in our ecovillage (Spanish, German and English). To see our event calendar click here. It is essential to have participated in a 1-day seminar in order to participate in a 2-week seminar.

Send us an email to semilla@semillamontealegre.org if you want to initiate contact. We invite you to participate in an online meeting and fill in this survey, so that we can send you the invitation link to the meeting and/or tell you more details about the next 1-day introductory seminars and face-to-face meetings where you can meet us (very limited places!).

If you are interested in joining an ecovillage project with these values, we invite you to read all the information we have published in the ecovillage section of our website to come with as much information as possible to our meeting. If you haven't read anything yet, you can start with this post.



Phone Number:
+34 / 659 10 98 09 (Rakel)



All of you who donate at least 50€ will be included in the list of supporters of the project so that you can be informed of important developments. In addition to all the advantages we offer to supporters. You can ask us also for more information about the characteristics of each model of participation.

We share with you the account of abundance enabled for the IKI-GAIA project in case you would like to contribute with a donation to contribute to this very first Phase

#bank account #sma

Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre
ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

Concept: donation IKI-GAIA + mail (so we can include you in the internal list and keep you informed)

Blessings to all those of you who have the WILL
to contribute to the CHANGE



We leave you the direct link to subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested in following the progress of our Permaculture projects, educational project, IKI-GAIA ecovillage, training programme and events.




If you feel that this is what your heart is looking for, it is your moment to take the step to create what you believe and live in a tribe in an ecovillage of children and beings committed to their role of being referents and willing to do individual and group work, or, you are preparing to take the step to join a project like this in the coming years, we invite you to become a member of our association by clicking here and ask us by mail for more confidential information about the project, so we can start the process of rapprochement on both sides 😉

Donations of all kinds, with best wishes for prosperity and blessings, are most welcome to continue moving forward with the materialisation of this replicable model that will soon be able to serve, as envisioned in the vision, all those who need it in this transitory phase we live in where it is necessary to surf the waves while the civilisational collapse is bottoming out, and a new humanity and a new paradigm emerge with strength and light.

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