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Thanks to all who help to realize this beautiful curse!

The Semilla Monte Alegre Team

Syllabus and time table, weekend , 04-06 March


  • Observation and primary Preparations for an intensive garden within the food
    forest with swales, terraces and living fences.
  • Growing and integrating annual vegetables with perennial herbs and trees in a seasonal, intensive agro-ecological system.
  • Fertility and moisture retaining in the top soil through Zai-holes, Vermi-compost, Terra-preta, E.M, Green-manures and N-fixing plants.
  • The F.F.G weekend will be hosted the farm of Semilla Monte Alegre, learning and working in the newly raised food forest of Monte Alegre, and will include films, written material and field work.


Course instructor: Chaym Feldman is an Israeli agro-ecologist since 2001, certified organic farmer; graduate of the AIES Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Stratford Ecological Center in Delware Ohio, U.S.A; working and teaching with Palestinian farmers and establishing agro-ecological gardens and food forests in Israel, Palestine, Tanzania and Portugal.
Living and working now in Portugal in the Varzea da Goncala eco-farm.

Project Monte Alegre
Monte Alegre is a sustainable Project in Alcaucín, Málaga, Spain. We, Semilla Monte Alegre, started in winter 2014 with planning the permaculture garden,  and since September 2015 we startet with the earth-movement to create water retention measurements to stop erosion.

Accommodation and food: 40.- €

Price for the 3 day course : 60.- €

Registration and information: 952916159 or

More information about Monte Alegre


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