An advanced weekend of workshops, practising at the cutting edge of dowsing and energetic nature connection. Master dowser Alanna Moore & Peter Cowman, sheltermaker, from Ireland, present:


22nd-23rd September 2018 weekend
held on the Finca Los Rosales in Los Romanes, Viñuela (Málaga)

Location: Google Maps

Saturday 10am – 9pm

1. Introduction to pendulum dowsing techniques for problem solving and energy assessments.
2. Dowsing for improved plant, soil and animal health.
3. Dryland gardening, with some simple techniques/strategies to reduce water use and benefit plants.
4. Water divining by pendulum and map dowsing.
5. Subtle energies that can cause health problems, how to assess land and buildings by dowsing.
6. The hazard of geopathic stress and practising Earth acupuncture techniques to neutralise it.
7. Peter Cowman, Irish architect, will give an evening presentation on natural building and Living Architecture.

Sunday 10am – 4.30pm

1. Discover the other-dimensional reality of nature spirits, learn how to dowse for and identify them.
2. Dowse for landscape energies and nature spirits, practical session seeking the spirits of place and identifying their homes.
3. ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ design, incorporating the Earth’s subtle energies into wholistic landscape design.
4. Volcanic rock dust for soil improvement, its mineral and
energetic qualities for vibrant, healthy crops and nutrient rich foods. 5. Harmonising landscape energies and stimulating plants and animals with Power Towers, also known as paramagnetic antennae. 6. Making a Power Tower onsite, charging and blessing it, and checking it’s energies and effects.

Monday 11am – 4pm

Optional field trip to the fabulous El Torcal de Antequera Park in Andalucia, with wonderful rock formations and energies.

The Tutor

Alanna Moore, from Australia, has been dowsing professionally since the early 1980s and specialises in geomancy surveys,
permaculture gardening and nature spirit connection. She shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for these subjects in books, films, magazines and songs that she has produced over the last 30 years. In 1984 she helped to found the Dowsing Society in Sydney, her home town. She now lives in
Ireland and teaches across Europe. See www.geomantica.com and www.sheltermaker.com

Alanna’s Books, DVDs, CDs will be available to buy and stone pendulums can be borrowed (also for sale) during the workshop.

Fee – €180, if paid before August 23rd. €200 at the door. Or one day only – €95 early booking, €105 on the day.

Monday’s optional field trip (for previous students only) – €40.

Bookings – Renate, email – cenamononi@t-online.de

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