Pablo Boza

Pablo Boza

I fulfilled one of my dreams: to travel to tell human stories ...


Group facilitation is a set of skills, techniques and tools used to create the conditions for the successful development of group and personal processes. In this introductory workshop we will see the keys that can be observed and attended to in order to generate a healthy climate in groups.


The Transitionary is a dictionary in transition whose purpose is to create words that bring greater awareness and evolution to our lives. In this participatory workshop we will play through theatre to create a simple play after researching and inventing new terms.

Sobre Pablo

I finished my degree in journalism 20 years ago and worked in television for seven years. There I fulfilled one of my dreams: to travel to tell human stories. It was through the programme "Andaluces por el Mundo". Once this desire materialised, I felt the urge to change direction and so I started to travel with my camera on my shoulder to make documentaries. From the beaches of Thailand to the jungle of Indonesia, from the Brazilian mountains to the pre-Amazon jungle of Ecuador, from the temples of India to the base camp of Everest in Nepal. On these journeys I embarked on my greatest life adventure: personal development to get to know myself. This led me in 2013 to Group Facilitation and to delve deeper into the particular way we humans relate to each other and the conflicts that are generated through this interaction. Since then I accompany group processes and give trainings to improve communication between people. I am also passionate about transformation and the power of words. I develop this passion through my project El Transicionario on my YouTube channel. I also live in community in a project called Brilla Sirio in Ojén (Málaga) and I belong to a cooperative through which we run courses, workshops and trainings related to Group Facilitation.

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