RIE and let’s laugh and get tangled up

The great opportunity to get to know the 240 hectares of our Healing Biotope is approaching,
its key projects and part of the driving group.
In this 3-day open day we will host the summer multi-meeting of the Iberian Ecovillage Network (RIE) to continue weaving the network among the tribe.

After the event we will have 2 sociocracy courses: 1 basic level course of 3 full days starting on September 14th, and another advanced level course starting on Monday 19th (also 3 days).
If you are interested in participating, please write us! Places are very very limited!



In IKI-GAIA, since the purchase of the land has materialized last May of this year, we are at full capacity attending processes of removals and arrivals of pioneers, creation of structure and basic infrastructures that allow us to advance with the projects and gradually welcome the more than 60 people who are already part of the project and, of course, all those who are in the process of being accepted.

There are still places available for pioneers and settlers in IKI-GAIA! Here you can see the process of how approaching our project.



Despite all the challenges we are facing at the beginning, we welcome the RIE meeting with great enthusiasm as part of our purpose and life journey to continue weaving the web of the emerging paradigm shift and, at the same time, to give the opportunity for all beings who feel called to co-create our Healing Biotope in Malaga to approach us and advance in the process of getting to know us. A Centre of Healing-Action guarded by a large and growing village of beings aligned with a common Dream of manifesting a new model of society.

If you want to know more about the program click here.

We invite those of you interested in seeing if this life project can be an option for you to read all the public information we have on the web and even to become sympathizing members of the promoting association so that we can send you detailed information about the ecovillage and our vision and proposal, and so that you come as informed as possible so that we can make the most of the time on both sides and move forward with details.

And if you really want to get to know us, come and collaborate ;)…. For the preparations of the RIE we still need some volunteer hands ideally with experience in carpentry, bio-construction, dry water construction, masonry, cooking for groups….

If you are available a few days/weeks before the meeting, write or call us on +34 659 10 98 09 as soon as possible. Places are very limited!

Below you will find more useful information for the event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



? Do you want to learn more about permaculture, bioconstruction, sociocracy, CNV (non-violent communication), sharing economy, free schools and respectful parenting…? And much more!!

Do you have any sustainable/regenerative project, any knowledge/gift or talent to share? Write us with your proposal!

Here you can see a preview of the program we are preparing and some of the speakers that will be enriched by all the proposals we are receiving for the “Open Space of the RIE” of our event where you are welcome to offer a workshop, talk, therapy, or an activity to share, exchange knowledge and promote what you do!!!

? Would you like to participate, share and enjoy an Encuento de Sueños (Dream Encounter)??


? Click here to register

If you want to offer a talk or a workshop for adults, youth or kids in line with our meeting (respectful parenting, free schools, healing, sustainability, Permaculture, renewable energy, transformation of the world, etc.. ) write or call us at +34 659 10 98 09 as soon as possible.

Very limited spaces !!!



Our project’s Rationale: our kids and teenagers and the next 7 generations !

Only they will be able to find the right solutions to the problems that we are facing!

For an ecovillage project to be socially sustainable and for there to be an intergenerational relay, motherhood, childhood and adolescents must be at the center and be the protagonists !!!

In IKI-GAIA all the adults are referents of the youngest and our Biotopo de Sana-Acción is carefully designed to close the cycle of life, from birth to death, with accompaniment and respect for each stage and individuality.

In this meeting we will offer a chillout area for babies and toddlers where mothers will be able to warm up food for their babies, breastfeed or simply rest and enjoy the space.

In addition, on Saturday we want to share with the tribe interested in our new educational project free-forest school IKI-GAIA and create spaces where we can exchange, inspire and nurture us on processes of parenting, motherhood, respectful education and all that is alive among the tribes that visit us. Write to us if you feel like contributing something!

Click here to register



We would like to remind you that until the total fee for the event has been paid (participation, plus the sum of all the meals from the day of arrival, plus parking, plus accommodation) the reservation will not be valid and the registration will not be formalised.

We would be grateful if you could send us a confirmation email to this email with proof of payment of the total amount.

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693


Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre

Concept: RIE + name + mail




We have beautiful spaces for camping under majestic oaks.?

If you have a caravan, welcome! We will provide a space for caravans with water and toilets nearby.

We celebrate that for this meeting we will have finished our hostel “La Marmolina” and that it will only cost 15€/night!

We still have some places left in the main house at 25€/night. Book now by calling us on +34 659 10 98 09 if you want a bed in a shared room!!!



Bring your favourite camping plate and glass to facilitate the logistics of the kitchen!

We also recommend you to bring a torch, closed shoes to explore the 240 hectares of our healing biotope, music instruments and a lot of enthusiasm to share your dreams, gifts and talents.

We would like to make you a request 🙂  If you sleep in the hostel or the main house and you think it is possible (and above all, if you are only going to spend 1 night ;)) we thank you for helping us to be more sustainable!!! We would be very grateful if you could bring some sheets or a sleeping bag to put on your bed and avoid putting so many washing machines.


Pets better left at home or with friends 😉

Our Ecovillage is a smoke, alcohol and drug free space. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

We appreciate that during your stay with us you respect these basic rules of coexistence.



Saturday afternoon and Sunday during the whole day we will set up a space for the ecological, handicraft and exchange market. If you have organic or handmade products produced by you, welcome to participate!!

Contact us to organize the market at this email or by phone at
659 10 98 09


If you arrive in your own car, it is very easy: you put in the navigator: “CORTIJO PUERTO DEL SOL” and it will take you to the base of our Ecovillage.

Before arriving you will find the sign “PARKING “. There you will find some spaces to park your car, you can ask for information and register for the event.

From the car park we will offer a shuttle service to take you to the Cortijo if you don’t want to make the hike up

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to travel alone, here is a link to an excel file that we have set up to facilitate carpooling.


Aligned with our individual, group and planetary ikigais, with focus, decision and strong determination of our mission, and always respecting the individual processes, we encourage you to always follow the path of the heart and establish ways of cooperation with IKI-GAIA if you feel like it.

Blessings to all of you who have believed in Semilla Monte Alegre and brought LIGHT to the process???

Let us continue to be inspired by each other, weaving the NETWORK and cooperating with the new paradigm that is emerging.?


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