Dear families, here are some photos of the first meeting of the Gaia Eco-School’s Open Doors on January 13. About 100 people came to meet us.

Thank you for being part of this Common Dream.

I am creating a new group of whatsapp with people interested in collaborating in the co-creation of the GAIA Learning Ecocommunity for the Axarquia. So that you can follow the project and get to know their needs…and so you can feel your role and what your contribution could be. Tell me if you want to be included and join the network

Each grain of sand adds up…because, as a song says: ” YOU ALONE can not arrive…but, ONLY you can arrive”.

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WHERE: Almayate Alto. Call for location 659 10 98 09
WHEN: 13th JANUARY FROM 11:00H TO 16:00H

There will be a vegetarian Bio-Buffet with sugar and gluten-free vegan delicacies for the whole family ??☕??
We will have small flea market with clothes and books to get donations for the project.
We invite you to bring what you no longer need ??????? and others can use – for donations for the project- and take it to whatever you can use.

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12:00H Painting and activities for children
13:00H TAKETINA -Family Rhythm Circle-
14:00H Storytelling with Miss Eli: THE JOY OF CARING OUR PLANET

And 14:00H for adults:
Talk about Gaia educational project in Axarquía -Málaga- and Gaia schools around the world.
15:00H Talk about training course GAIA -presential- on sustainability: “EDE” (Design of Eco-villages)

16:00H Closing: Circular dances in family with Lisa

Come and meet us ?
Thank you for sharing this message with the tribe ??

Danza Circular

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