Shaping the free school IKI-GAIA


17 September from 17:30h with delicious vegan cakes and tribe dinner.
18:30h Circle about the Gaia Eco-Learning Community of Almayate and the transformation to a small school IKI-GAIA.
Rakel Domínguez, one of the co-founders of the project will make a brief presentation about the educational project that starts its 4th year and we will give way to a participative day to define our common dream, detect individual and collective needs, resources and potentialities that we bring together.
18:30h At the same time, the activities for children will begin: pizza workshop, games, vegetable garden, music...
20:00h Storytelling with live music (Pedro Paz)
and dinner with the GAIA tribe

Contribution per adult to the day 10€ (kids free)
Contribution for ecological and vegan dinner with the educational community

10 €/adults and 8 € for children

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GAIA Learning Community

Educational community at the service of children

Letting what is new to emerge

After 3 school years of experience promoting our pilot educational project Gaia through our association Semilla Monte Alegre, we feel we are in a moment of change and transformation. We can say that we are in a beautiful process of decomposition and rebirth, making a similarity with the patterns we observe in nature.

Our educational community that emerged to connect the tribe and grow into an ecovillage needs to grow into something bigger. A new form adapted to the new needs of our continium cambium that involves more participation and commitment of all parties involved in the educational community we dream of.

This coming Friday afternoon, October 17th, we will open a new space to listen to all the parties that want to get involved in the construction of the new educational project that is emerging with IKI-GAIA and that dreams of growing from an association to an educational cooperative and then to a tribe.

Would you like to support a free school based on the principles of Permaculture whose vision is to contribute to the development of the gifts and talents of all the participating parties, and especially of our kids?

IKI-GAIA Free School

Desarrollando los dones y talentos

Growing into a school of life

Our children are growing and more and more families are interested in joining us, giving it a try and participating in a project/school of life where we nurture the interdisciplinary and multicultural exchange of all generations in an environment of nature and mutual support in a tribe. It is for this reason, and because we have more than 8 years of journey working with pleasure to materialize this moment, that our project needs a new space where we can grow and expand the educational offer up to 16 years in a place of explosive and limitless nature!!!

We are now In this exciting process of acquiring the ideal land to develop a Healing Biotope, with a minimum of infrastructures that allow us from the first day to start the best little school in the world for our children.
This school year 2021/22 is a course of transition to the NEW, full of surprises, illusion, meeting of souls, common dreams and a beautiful TRIBE, where every BEING is invited to BE and co-create an educational community that aspires to set the roots for an educational cooperative very soon!!!

To give space for the new to emerge, we must accompany with love and care the cycle that ends , so that from this good soil many sprouts will emerge. Would you like to meet us?


Thank you for making a financial contribution so that we can continue to grow, dream and materialise change!

IBAN: ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Beneficiario: Semilla Monte Alegre
Concepto: Donación IKIGAIA

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