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We would like  to celebrate with you, our closest tribe of supporters, that we  had a wonderful meeting last weekend of beings aligned with the vision of the project resulting in  new entries of aspiring  members, collaborators, and even social lenders who are lending us almost 200,000€ interest free for 10 years. Already 3 lenders are lending us more than 100.000€ for 10 years interest free!!! So we are already investigating  strategic pieces of land neighbouring the property  to see if we can acquire them now, before  speculation takes place .

In this newsletter we would like to remind you that this Sunday at 6 p.m. we are having   an English online presentation , to which you are  kindly invited and are welcome to bring along your friends. Afterwards, we will have the monthly members only meeting from 8 to 10 p.m.

In order for us to send the Zoom link to your interested friends we just need them  to fill out this SURVEY

It would be great to see you all there!!!!!

Attached please find the Zoom link to the meetings for your personal use only:


Meeting ID: 870 7944 6952

Passcode: 090953

P.S.: Due to bureaucratic hurdles we have been forced to postpone the signing of the purchase contract at the notary’s office for another week. End of this week  we are expecting to receive the topographic plan of the land  , which will allow us to have clarity about the exact surface in hectares we are purchasing . Please let us know in case you are interested in signing a contract before next Tuesday to become a founder of the project.

In this link you can see a summary of the types of members and a summary of the advantages of being a founder.

And here you can read more about the participation models.

P.S.: I am copying the founders’ benefits section from the founding minutes of the project so that you  have more information about this status:


It is a status acquired by all the types of members listed above who sign the contracts and pay the total deposit before the purchase contract for the property is signed. In the acronyms this status is reflected  in the beginning of the acronym. For example: FSM (Founder Stable Member)

Advantages of the founders:

  • The right to co-create and request to be part of the board of trustees of the future foundation or entity that replaces the Association.

    The FSMs that stand out for their spirit of cohabitation , as well as for their contribution and commitment to the vision of the project, may be offered to participate in the Board of Directors of the Association, as long as the foundation or the entity that replaces it is not operational.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • To receive  extra discounts on the different products and services offered in the project: educational project, Permaculture Academy , Music and Art, yoga classes, healing therapies, events, and so on.

Details regarding the discounts to be offered to each type of member will be reflected in the internal regulations that  the seed  group will start drafting once the cohabitation begins.

  • To benefit from a 20% discount on the established fees (see section 3: participation fees of this document). 
  • The right for their children to receive a 20% discount on those fees valid  at the time, in case they want to stay temporarily , be CO or SMA or SMPA members and settle into the project  requesting  their own plot or lodging. 
  • Preferential treatment  compared to  to their group mates who do not have this status, during the term of the contract, when applying for: 
  • scholarships for the educational project; 
  • a space to install a caravan or a non-permanent structure approved by the competent authority of the Association in Phase I, if accepted as a pioneer;
  • plots, tourist accommodation in the future campground or equivalent project;
  • jobs in the projects of the Healing Biotope;  
  • start an entrepreneurship, and so on.

Within each group, in addition to founder status, the following variables will be taken into account to establish preferences, in order of priority:

  • pioneer status: effective residence in the project and seniority;
  • the date of signing the contract, the complete payment of all  fees, as well as the delivery  of voluntary work (tragozo) contributions and compliance with other requirements;
  • participation in the project as social lenders or donors;
  • being responsible for  (in order of priority):
  • babies and toddlers under 3 years of  age
  • children from 3 to 5 years of age 
  • dependent elders and  disabled people
  • minors acledhildren  of 6 years of age or older 

The final decision to grant any of the above-mentioned requests shall be made by the competent authority of the Association or the entity that will replace it. 


The order of preference for the specific case of requesting:

  1. to install a caravan or other non-permanent structure that is approved by the competent authority of the Association or entity that replaces it (this right is reserved to SMAs accepted within the seed  group as pioneers by the competent authority of the Association or entity that will replace it).
  2. occasional accommodation in or around the farmhouse in phase I
  3. a plot or tourist accommodation once the camping or equivalent project is open.
  4. to start an entrepreneurship aligned with the vision
  5. a job in the healing Biotope projects

is as listed below:

  1. FSM: founder stable members:2. SM: estable members: who signed after  the acquisition of the property.

    3. FSMA: founder stable member aspirants: who are not formally stable members yet because they have not completed the requested requirements.

  2. 4. SMA: stable member aspirants: who are not formally stable members because they have not completed the requested requirements.

These 4 groups  above will generally always have preference over all the others. 

  1. 5. FSMPA: founder stable member passive aspirants. 
  2. SMPA: stable member passive aspirant.
  1. FPECO-SMA founder permanent collaborators aspiring to be founder stable members.
  1. PECO-SMA permanent collaborators aspiring to be stable members
  1. FPECO: founder permanent collaborators
    10. PECO: permanent collaborators

    11. FSL: founder social lenders 
  2. SL:  social lenders

    13.. FOCCO: founder occasional collaborators

  3. OCCO: occasional collaborators.

Within each of the above-mentioned groups, preference will be given on the basis of the following variables, according to the following order of priority:

  • the pioneer status and the effective residence in the community: those who already live in the place (and among these, those who have been there for a longer time) will have preference over those who do not.
    1. the date of signature of the contract and the fulfilment of the requested requirements (or the % completed of these) and, if already completed, the commitment and level of involvement in the project. 
  • Also participating in the project  as social lenders. 
  • to be in charge of (in order of priority): 
  • babies and toddlers (from 0 to 2 years of age )
  • children from 3 to 5  years of age 
  •  dependent  elders and disabled people
  • minors from 6 years of age

The final decision to grant any of the above-mentioned requests shall be made by the competent authority of the Association or the entity that will replace it. 

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