From the city to the countryside in search of being closer to our mother GAIA and much more...

Impressions of the EKO-IKIherentes open day at IKI-GAIA


The reality that we observe is, that this systemic crisis which we are living in a more conscious way since the so-called "health crisis" has exploded, and which has been added to the (wrongly) called climate change crisis and all the others (capitalist, demographic, values, etc.), has served to help the awakening and action of many people who - in addition to a life more consistent with their values - seek solutions in the rural world.

Finding an alternative network for the exchange of products and services, a network of mutual support, parenting groups, opportunities for the creation of rural employment, etc., are some of the desires that drive us to search for the ideal place where this can happen. In short, what we (almost) all seek, as the social beings that we are (who need each other), is to BELONG, to feel that we are part of a group of belonging and to surround ourselves with people with similar ideals, objectives and values where relationships are nurtured and where there is respect and LOVE.
Many of us also seek to be surrounded by people who have the attitude to grow, look inside themselves and, above all, are capable of overcoming the challenges and conflicts inherent in relationships. That is, beings capable of overcoming their fears (vibrating in love), seeing conflict as an opportunity (not to follow patterns of flight or non-confrontation) and cooperating for the greater good (the shared vision).

Where do we find beings (inspirers and role models) who are on this path of individual/group development? Where do we find opportunities to develop in this direction?
Clearly, intentional communities and ecovillages are the ideal breeding ground for living (accelerating) these processes and learning from them.

The history of these realities demonstrates that, by being in these projects, united by a shared vision and a co-creating mission (by putting the focus on that GREATER GOOD), great feats and DREAMS that require much effort and coordination (attunement) become viable and materialize almost magically!!!
The key to success is undoubtedly the links between the relationships that are created in these nurtured spaces where all voices are heard and contribute. Spaces that, as in the real world, are full of challenges and processes, but where, thanks to the nurturing environment and protocols that exist, challenges are more quickly transcended, favoring inner transformation, the healing of deep wounds and the transmutation of patterns of flight and non-confrontation.

Accessibility of ecovillages and intentional communities

Most of the established ecovillages in Spain and in Europe are currently not open to new people who would like to try out if these proposals could be for them or their families, and/or learn from their journey.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the so-called pandemic, in many cases it has become more difficult to get access to and/or even go to live near an ecovillage, as there are no living spaces left either in the ecovillages or in the surrounding area.But, not all of them are closed!

Fortunately, there are more and more permaculture projects and ecovillages like IKI-GAIA that are materialising and starting their journey on this path of looking for alternatives to the current system to cohabit our land in a more conscious way.

Embracing all generations

How we bring new beings into the world and how we accompany the process from gestation to the first years of life is key, together with the transformation of the educational system, in the development of a new paradigm and, therefore, our central pillar in IKI-GAIA. That is why we are already in full swing with organizing the educational proposal for the next school year.

In order to be coherent with the new Humanity and to be able to close the cycle of life, it is fundamental to see how we care for our elders, integrate them into our community and accompany them in their old age (until they say goodbye to this life).

If you want to know more about the vision of the project, you are welcome to participate in one of the online meetings we organise once a month in English to learn more about this pioneering phase, and the values, mission and vision of the project...

To know more about the options we have open and the possibilities to approach IKI-GAIA click here.

All projects are key to making change happen. If you feel called to collaborate in any of the above mentioned key projects (food sovereignty, energy, education...), please contact us: semilla@semillamontealegre.org

IKI-GAIA, un proyecto de construcción de ecoaldea de los nuevos tiempos abierto a nuevas incorporaciones

Poniendo el foco en la recuperación de nuestras soberanías en las área de la alimentación, la educación, las energías, el desarrollo del SER (cuidado del individuo y sus relaciones), el agua y la fertilidad/regeneración de la tierra (cuidado de madre Gaia), el reparto de la abundancia (cuidado de los excedentes), la sostenibilidad en general y en dejarles un futuro más resiliente a las próximas generaciones, por nombrar algunos de los objetivos, IKI-GAIA es un modelo de resiliencia y creatividad de los nuevos tiempos. Una propuesta inspiradora para dejar brotar el nuevo paradigma.

Proyecto piloto, cuyo objetivo a corto/medio plazo es favorecer la repoblación rural y creación de empleo en esta zona rural de Málaga, mientras se avanza en la cocreación de una Centro de InspiraSanaAcción (Escuela de Permacultura y de Vida) para todas las generaciones y, a largo plazo (entre 6 y 7 años) en el desarrollo de un nuevo modelo de humanidad.

Abrazandonos todas las generaciones

Cómo traemos nuevos seres al mundo y cómo acompañamos el proceso desde la gestación hasta los primeros años de vida, es clave, junto a la transformación del sistema educativo, en el desarrollo de un nuevo paradigma y, por tanto, nuestro gran pilar central en IKI-GAIA. Es por ello, que ya estamos a tope organizando la propuesta educativa para el próximo curso escolar.

Para ser coherentes con la nueva Humanidad y poder cerrar también el ciclo de la vida, es fundamental ver cómo atendemos a nuestros mayores, los integramos en nuestra comunidad y los acompañamos en su vejez (hasta la despedida de esta vida).

Si quieres saber más sobre la visión del proyecto, bienvenid@ a participar en unos de los encuentros online que organizamos una vez al mes en español para explicar más sobre esta fase pionera, y los valores, la misión y la visión del proyecto… Para saber más sobre las opciones que tenemos abiertas y las posibilidades de acercarte a IKI-GAIA mira la sección de "ACERCAMIENTOS"

Todos los proyectos son claves para que se pueda dar el cambio. Si sientes el llamado a colaborar en algunos de los proyectos centrales nombrados (soberanía alimentaria, energética, educación…), contáctanos: semilla@semillamontealegre.org

RIE and let’s laugh and get tangled up

The great opportunity to get to know the 240 hectares of our Healing Biotope is approaching,
its key projects and part of the driving group.
In this 3-day open day we will host the summer multi-meeting of the Iberian Ecovillage Network (RIE) to continue weaving the network among the tribe.

After the event we will have 2 sociocracy courses: 1 basic level course of 3 full days starting on September 14th, and another advanced level course starting on Monday 19th (also 3 days).
If you are interested in participating, please write us! Places are very very limited!



In IKI-GAIA, since the purchase of the land has materialized last May of this year, we are at full capacity attending processes of removals and arrivals of pioneers, creation of structure and basic infrastructures that allow us to advance with the projects and gradually welcome the more than 60 people who are already part of the project and, of course, all those who are in the process of being accepted.

There are still places available for pioneers and settlers in IKI-GAIA! Here you can see the process of how approaching our project.



Despite all the challenges we are facing at the beginning, we welcome the RIE meeting with great enthusiasm as part of our purpose and life journey to continue weaving the web of the emerging paradigm shift and, at the same time, to give the opportunity for all beings who feel called to co-create our Healing Biotope in Malaga to approach us and advance in the process of getting to know us. A Centre of Healing-Action guarded by a large and growing village of beings aligned with a common Dream of manifesting a new model of society.

If you want to know more about the program click here.

We invite those of you interested in seeing if this life project can be an option for you to read all the public information we have on the web and even to become sympathizing members of the promoting association so that we can send you detailed information about the ecovillage and our vision and proposal, and so that you come as informed as possible so that we can make the most of the time on both sides and move forward with details.

And if you really want to get to know us, come and collaborate ;)…. For the preparations of the RIE we still need some volunteer hands ideally with experience in carpentry, bio-construction, dry water construction, masonry, cooking for groups….

If you are available a few days/weeks before the meeting, write or call us on +34 659 10 98 09 as soon as possible. Places are very limited!

Below you will find more useful information for the event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



? Do you want to learn more about permaculture, bioconstruction, sociocracy, CNV (non-violent communication), sharing economy, free schools and respectful parenting…? And much more!!

Do you have any sustainable/regenerative project, any knowledge/gift or talent to share? Write us with your proposal!

Here you can see a preview of the program we are preparing and some of the speakers that will be enriched by all the proposals we are receiving for the “Open Space of the RIE” of our event where you are welcome to offer a workshop, talk, therapy, or an activity to share, exchange knowledge and promote what you do!!!

? Would you like to participate, share and enjoy an Encuento de Sueños (Dream Encounter)??


? Click here to register

If you want to offer a talk or a workshop for adults, youth or kids in line with our meeting (respectful parenting, free schools, healing, sustainability, Permaculture, renewable energy, transformation of the world, etc.. ) write or call us at +34 659 10 98 09 as soon as possible.

Very limited spaces !!!



Our project’s Rationale: our kids and teenagers and the next 7 generations !

Only they will be able to find the right solutions to the problems that we are facing!

For an ecovillage project to be socially sustainable and for there to be an intergenerational relay, motherhood, childhood and adolescents must be at the center and be the protagonists !!!

In IKI-GAIA all the adults are referents of the youngest and our Biotopo de Sana-Acción is carefully designed to close the cycle of life, from birth to death, with accompaniment and respect for each stage and individuality.

In this meeting we will offer a chillout area for babies and toddlers where mothers will be able to warm up food for their babies, breastfeed or simply rest and enjoy the space.

In addition, on Saturday we want to share with the tribe interested in our new educational project free-forest school IKI-GAIA and create spaces where we can exchange, inspire and nurture us on processes of parenting, motherhood, respectful education and all that is alive among the tribes that visit us. Write to us if you feel like contributing something!

Click here to register



We would like to remind you that until the total fee for the event has been paid (participation, plus the sum of all the meals from the day of arrival, plus parking, plus accommodation) the reservation will not be valid and the registration will not be formalised.

We would be grateful if you could send us a confirmation email to this email with proof of payment of the total amount.

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693


Beneficiary: Semilla Monte Alegre

Concept: RIE + name + mail




We have beautiful spaces for camping under majestic oaks.?

If you have a caravan, welcome! We will provide a space for caravans with water and toilets nearby.

We celebrate that for this meeting we will have finished our hostel “La Marmolina” and that it will only cost 15€/night!

We still have some places left in the main house at 25€/night. Book now by calling us on +34 659 10 98 09 if you want a bed in a shared room!!!



Bring your favourite camping plate and glass to facilitate the logistics of the kitchen!

We also recommend you to bring a torch, closed shoes to explore the 240 hectares of our healing biotope, music instruments and a lot of enthusiasm to share your dreams, gifts and talents.

We would like to make you a request 🙂  If you sleep in the hostel or the main house and you think it is possible (and above all, if you are only going to spend 1 night ;)) we thank you for helping us to be more sustainable!!! We would be very grateful if you could bring some sheets or a sleeping bag to put on your bed and avoid putting so many washing machines.


Pets better left at home or with friends 😉

Our Ecovillage is a smoke, alcohol and drug free space. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

We appreciate that during your stay with us you respect these basic rules of coexistence.



Saturday afternoon and Sunday during the whole day we will set up a space for the ecological, handicraft and exchange market. If you have organic or handmade products produced by you, welcome to participate!!

Contact us to organize the market at this email or by phone at
659 10 98 09


If you arrive in your own car, it is very easy: you put in the navigator: “CORTIJO PUERTO DEL SOL” and it will take you to the base of our Ecovillage.

Before arriving you will find the sign “PARKING “. There you will find some spaces to park your car, you can ask for information and register for the event.

From the car park we will offer a shuttle service to take you to the Cortijo if you don’t want to make the hike up

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to travel alone, here is a link to an excel file that we have set up to facilitate carpooling.


Aligned with our individual, group and planetary ikigais, with focus, decision and strong determination of our mission, and always respecting the individual processes, we encourage you to always follow the path of the heart and establish ways of cooperation with IKI-GAIA if you feel like it.

Blessings to all of you who have believed in Semilla Monte Alegre and brought LIGHT to the process???

Let us continue to be inspired by each other, weaving the NETWORK and cooperating with the new paradigm that is emerging.?


Newsletter MAY

How are you??

We would like  to celebrate with you, our closest tribe of supporters, that we  had a wonderful meeting last weekend of beings aligned with the vision of the project resulting in  new entries of aspiring  members, collaborators, and even social lenders who are lending us almost 200,000€ interest free for 10 years. Already 3 lenders are lending us more than 100.000€ for 10 years interest free!!! So we are already investigating  strategic pieces of land neighbouring the property  to see if we can acquire them now, before  speculation takes place .

In this newsletter we would like to remind you that this Sunday at 6 p.m. we are having   an English online presentation , to which you are  kindly invited and are welcome to bring along your friends. Afterwards, we will have the monthly members only meeting from 8 to 10 p.m.

In order for us to send the Zoom link to your interested friends we just need them  to fill out this SURVEY

It would be great to see you all there!!!!!

Attached please find the Zoom link to the meetings for your personal use only:


Meeting ID: 870 7944 6952

Passcode: 090953

P.S.: Due to bureaucratic hurdles we have been forced to postpone the signing of the purchase contract at the notary’s office for another week. End of this week  we are expecting to receive the topographic plan of the land  , which will allow us to have clarity about the exact surface in hectares we are purchasing . Please let us know in case you are interested in signing a contract before next Tuesday to become a founder of the project.

In this link you can see a summary of the types of members and a summary of the advantages of being a founder.

And here you can read more about the participation models.

P.S.: I am copying the founders’ benefits section from the founding minutes of the project so that you  have more information about this status:


It is a status acquired by all the types of members listed above who sign the contracts and pay the total deposit before the purchase contract for the property is signed. In the acronyms this status is reflected  in the beginning of the acronym. For example: FSM (Founder Stable Member)

Advantages of the founders:

  • The right to co-create and request to be part of the board of trustees of the future foundation or entity that replaces the Association.

    The FSMs that stand out for their spirit of cohabitation , as well as for their contribution and commitment to the vision of the project, may be offered to participate in the Board of Directors of the Association, as long as the foundation or the entity that replaces it is not operational.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • To receive  extra discounts on the different products and services offered in the project: educational project, Permaculture Academy , Music and Art, yoga classes, healing therapies, events, and so on.

Details regarding the discounts to be offered to each type of member will be reflected in the internal regulations that  the seed  group will start drafting once the cohabitation begins.

  • To benefit from a 20% discount on the established fees (see section 3: participation fees of this document). 
  • The right for their children to receive a 20% discount on those fees valid  at the time, in case they want to stay temporarily , be CO or SMA or SMPA members and settle into the project  requesting  their own plot or lodging. 
  • Preferential treatment  compared to  to their group mates who do not have this status, during the term of the contract, when applying for: 
  • scholarships for the educational project; 
  • a space to install a caravan or a non-permanent structure approved by the competent authority of the Association in Phase I, if accepted as a pioneer;
  • plots, tourist accommodation in the future campground or equivalent project;
  • jobs in the projects of the Healing Biotope;  
  • start an entrepreneurship, and so on.

Within each group, in addition to founder status, the following variables will be taken into account to establish preferences, in order of priority:

  • pioneer status: effective residence in the project and seniority;
  • the date of signing the contract, the complete payment of all  fees, as well as the delivery  of voluntary work (tragozo) contributions and compliance with other requirements;
  • participation in the project as social lenders or donors;
  • being responsible for  (in order of priority):
  • babies and toddlers under 3 years of  age
  • children from 3 to 5 years of age 
  • dependent elders and  disabled people
  • minors acledhildren  of 6 years of age or older 

The final decision to grant any of the above-mentioned requests shall be made by the competent authority of the Association or the entity that will replace it. 


The order of preference for the specific case of requesting:

  1. to install a caravan or other non-permanent structure that is approved by the competent authority of the Association or entity that replaces it (this right is reserved to SMAs accepted within the seed  group as pioneers by the competent authority of the Association or entity that will replace it).
  2. occasional accommodation in or around the farmhouse in phase I
  3. a plot or tourist accommodation once the camping or equivalent project is open.
  4. to start an entrepreneurship aligned with the vision
  5. a job in the healing Biotope projects

is as listed below:

  1. FSM: founder stable members:2. SM: estable members: who signed after  the acquisition of the property.

    3. FSMA: founder stable member aspirants: who are not formally stable members yet because they have not completed the requested requirements.

  2. 4. SMA: stable member aspirants: who are not formally stable members because they have not completed the requested requirements.

These 4 groups  above will generally always have preference over all the others. 

  1. 5. FSMPA: founder stable member passive aspirants. 
  2. SMPA: stable member passive aspirant.
  1. FPECO-SMA founder permanent collaborators aspiring to be founder stable members.
  1. PECO-SMA permanent collaborators aspiring to be stable members
  1. FPECO: founder permanent collaborators
    10. PECO: permanent collaborators

    11. FSL: founder social lenders 
  2. SL:  social lenders

    13.. FOCCO: founder occasional collaborators

  3. OCCO: occasional collaborators.

Within each of the above-mentioned groups, preference will be given on the basis of the following variables, according to the following order of priority:

  • the pioneer status and the effective residence in the community: those who already live in the place (and among these, those who have been there for a longer time) will have preference over those who do not.
    1. the date of signature of the contract and the fulfilment of the requested requirements (or the % completed of these) and, if already completed, the commitment and level of involvement in the project. 
  • Also participating in the project  as social lenders. 
  • to be in charge of (in order of priority): 
  • babies and toddlers (from 0 to 2 years of age )
  • children from 3 to 5  years of age 
  •  dependent  elders and disabled people
  • minors from 6 years of age

The final decision to grant any of the above-mentioned requests shall be made by the competent authority of the Association or the entity that will replace it. 



Hello Tribe

I hope your lives are full of happiness and your most profound dreams are coming true. Ours are at the point of coming true - “to start living in a Tribe- from the September!! There are still some apartments available so hurry up!

This summer we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign. We are editing a video that we are going to share next month in order  to advertise the project and to get contributions from people, associations and companies, related to our values ,​​that would like to contribute to this great common dream.


  1. get grants / sponsorships and offer at least 10 scholarships for this first year; since the La Caixa grant of 20,000 euros has been denied. We already have 1 scholarship. A friend    has offered us to sponsor a child for 10 months, so the fee for child with food included will go for 200 euros instead of 350 euros / month.
  2. Get PATRONS and donations through the “GOTEO” platform, Triodos, etc. for:
    1. lower the monthly fees and/or subsidize ecological canteen
    2. construction of the clasroom dome
  3. construction of a greenhouse for school
    1. And, most of all - to find Investors interested in     the project so that we would be able to buy the farm and develop the project in our own place




We need to establish this wonderful and so needed educational project in our OWN SPACE that  would allow us to grow and develop in order to develop and inspire our environment.

We want to promote the RURAL REPOPULATION and the replication of the model of coexistence project in the environment of  an educational space co-created by several families across the country. In the short-medium term, the vision is to obtain homologation also in Spain, and to help to replicate this model, to avoid the massive rural depopulation caused, among other factors, by the centralization of education and the absence of educational services in rural zones.


We want to help many other alternative educational projects that end up dying in the first 2 or 3 years of existence because of the lack of human and economic resources, and, above all, because of the legal situation of the alternative education in Spain.

Because of this reason, many parents of the children who turn 6, abandon projects like this, as they are afraid to continue with project without homologation.

We are urgently looking for investors who identify with  the project, and who want to support this model of sustainable holistic education and contribute to a real change in the current education system.


For more information, business plan, call us on 659109809


More information about educational project...

If you can make a contribution NOW !, before the official crowdfunding campaigns  of GOTEO start helping, we would really appreciate it.


With your help we could start paying the materials for the school, contracts,  lawyers and cover the other costs that are necessary to start a project in the new place.


Beneficient: Asociación Semilla Monte Alegre

IBAN: ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693

Concept: donation Gaia

Or click on donate below to use your credit card!

If you are interested to be an investor of the eco educational project, please feel welcome- we really need you, and do not hesitate- tell us of how much you could help us and on what terms.

All help counts at this moment.

We also need a lot of hands and hearts for a project like this. We are open to receive volunteers for long and short term. For more information about the volunteer program please call us on 0034659109809

We are also looking for campers for the volunteers’ accommodation,  materials, yurts, non-permanent structures to create classroom dome and workshops for the school.

All the little pieces that would sum up for the project….


GUARANTEE of the refund of the investors. 

Given that the space has 10 apartments that are rented to families interested in actively participating in the Eco-learning community, the payment of monthly fees would be guaranteed, without this impeding the need to generate savings for the project itself through events, courses and festivals that we have planned for the next course.



Let me share this text about TRIBE by Laura Posada -with some touches of mine- that reflect the heart of this project and inspired me to write this post and ask for your help.

"When we stopped being tribes, the unity split.

We believed that the couple, or the family nucleus, would be enough, while friendships and circles of belonging gave us the crumbs of ephemeral coexistence.

The tribe is much more than friends and blood brothers. The tribe is the spiritual belonging to a brotherhood that sustains and invites us to sustain.

The tribe is where natural roles are shared, exchanged and interacted. Mothers today mother alone without the containment and support group. The children have siblings who are always the same, the blood brothers. What about the spiritual brothers with whom they should be playing together, co-creating?

We separate into small private properties, running from one side to the other in search of sustenance for the family nucleus.

The natural thing is to group ourselves and, while some sow, others educate, others build, some cook, and at the right moment we gather to eat, to celebrate, to continue the tribe.

The love that we seek so much, besides the love for oneself that is cultivated, is not that of couple, children, family... Rather, having no tribe to practice love in infinite facets, we overload the idea that the couple, the children, and the family, will give us the ground to channel love.

Without tribe we are like a dismembered human body trying to function, each member separately.

We have to go back to the tribes where grandparents are dignified and you are all.

Trade, private property, and individualism ripped us off as branches of the trunk that unites us.

In the tribe all gifts are welcome, and roles, being rotational, do not create boredom or saturation. In the tribes there are so many brothers and sisters that sharing is very rich and models alternate.

Now we begin to use the term grow old among friends, and that is to appreciate the tribe.

We can start earlier, from YA and give our children a healthy environment where sharing is natural and where there are many references from whom to learn.

The tribe: It is to create love.