11th of March 2019: Planting Trees and a Guided tour through La Sacristísa


Worm Compost, Dry Toilet, Pioneer Trees...

In dieser Führung von Daniel Stocker, Koordinator des Permakulturprojekts Monte Alegre in Alcaucín, Málaga, begleitet, sehen wir die Permakulturstätte La Sacristía. Vorher bist Du herzlich eingeladen mit uns Bäume zu pflanzen!

Montag, den 11. März 2019
auf der Finca La Sacristía bei Macharaviaya, Málaga, Spanien.
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Monday the 11th of March 2019

We'll start planting trees at 3:00 p.m.
Have a little snak at 5:30 p.m.
(Fermented buckwheat bread with avocado and hummus and a pumpkin soup... Mhhhh)
The guided tour will be held from 6:00 p.m. for about two hours.
At 8:00 we offer a musical surprise!

Daniel will explain, while planting the trees, what trees, why and where have to be planted. Any questions are very welcome!

The tour will go through the hole landscape of the Sacristía. We will see the water retention measurements, nursery, compost, drytoilet and worm compost. As well as the resently builded perennial garden and the food forest which has to be planted.


-Guided Tour: 10.-€
-Snak: 5.-€

NOTE: Thank you for making your reservation for the guided tour, but specially for your dinner.

How to get to the FINCA LA SACRISTÍA

Plants to be planted:

    • Leucaena Leucocephala
    • Tipuana Tipu
    • Rubinia Pseudoacacia
    • Cassuarina Cunnighamiana
    • Morus Alba
    • Orange Trees
    • Guayavas
    • Zapotes
  • and more...


Daniel Stocker, from Switzerland, is working since more than five years on different Fincas in the Axarquía. His main project is Monte Alegre, where he applies his collected experience from working as a volunteer or attending as a student in workshops and seminars. For example in Tamera (Portugal), Lilleoru (Estonia), La Flessyer (France) amongst others. His main focus is on Water Retention Landscaping and reforestation, creating food forests in arid zones.


by email:

by cell phone:
+34 / 659 10 98 09

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