? Next 31 March ?? Mini Charity Festival of PRIMAVERA ? GAIA in CORTIJO NIDOLEA – to get to know and support the new eco-educational space Gaia -. with sanación? market area ecológico???, crafts, 2hand and antiques and ? activities for kids ????y the whole family ?‍?‍?‍? Wonderful space for
events next to the exit of Caleta de Vélez in an environment of Naturaleza☘

Artists, interested in selling and offering activities contact 659 10 98 09 (Rakel) or semilla@semillamontealegre.org

On the 31st of March you will also be able to inform yourselve about the Gaia educational project in Axarquia -Malaga- and Gaia schools around the world. There will be a Talk about  the training course GAIA on sustainability: “EDE” (Eco-village Design) that we are organizing for the next academic year. Focused to train the school team, educators and professionals from all sectors in general and parents interested in knowing these tools.

Info about the EDE course.

Thank you for sharing this message with the tribe.




11:00 WORKSHOP: Introduction to Permaculture with Daniel Stocker


Water retention landscapes, edible forests, soil regeneration and microorganisms.

We live in a world of extremes: very strong winds, times of severe droughts and floods, polluted water and food with almost no nutrients. Every day mankind moves further away from nature.

Fortunately, more and more of us are looking for sustainable alternatives to live in a way that is more in line with our principles and more in harmony with our environment.

“All solutions can be found in the garden! (Geoff Lawton)

We can design a way out of this misery. We have already united knowledge in a holistic science: PERMAKULTUR.

Daniel Stocker is a Swiss musician – double bass player – living in Málaga, who has been working on various permaculture projects in the Axarquía for more than five years. His main project is Monte Alegre, where he designed the water retention landscape and coordinated the permaculture work with his accumulated experience. The Forest Garden Project Monte Alegre is 4 years old and has more than 500 plants that are only irrigated with collected rainwater! After several years of voluntary work in other projects and participation in permaculture workshops and seminars that fascinated him – such as the seminar on water retention landscapes in Tamera (Portugal) www.tamera.org- – he started to advise companies and private individuals. His main focus is on soil regeneration including the reproduction of native microorganisms, the creation of water retention landscapes, reforestation and the creation of forest gardens in dry zones.

12:00 WORKSHOP: Yoga for children and families

We learn in a playful way, containing ourselves from within, through play, poses and breathing. We explore Yoga as a couple, Acroyoga, magical trips, gym, greetings to the natural elements with songs and music and much more.

13:00 WORKSHOP: Cariocas with Elisa

Elisa Caballe is an artist and multifaceted craftswoman lover of the nature.

14:00 WORKSHOP: Journeys of Tensegrity with Coyote

Magical Passes are the series of movements delivered from ancient shamans of Mexico and transformed into Tensegrity by Carlos Castaneda to unlock, move and balance stuck energy in our bodies. Tense and integration which is hidden in the movements creates strong, positive vibrations use to silence our mind, free our potential, strengthen our bodies, remove all the toxins and give us courage to live our lives full-on. Power of the silenced mind, opens the door to perceive with our Heart. Teaches us to listen to the guide inside, to the healer, the master. What will You tell Yourself?

15:00 CONCERT with Gram Russell

16:00 WORKSHOP: Non Violent Communication with Michael

Do you sometimes bother what your child does?
Do you then react annoyed and loud?
In your heart you wish that everything would be a little easier?

Then I’m looking forward to see you in the workshop on Sunday.

In 90 minutes I want to share with you the basics of Nonviolent Communication so that as a mother / father you can stay connected to your child even in difficult moments.
We will work together to find out what are the most important steps for an effective communication and compassionate attitude, and we will do a hands-on exercise that will help you to stay calm and to speak from the heart.

You will also learn how it is possible:
– to see and hear the needs of all family members,
– to work together as a team,
– to get everyone´s needs met,
– for everyone to feel well
– to stay connected even in difficult times and trust each other.

16:00 WORKSHOP: Sow your ancient seed with ALONSO NAVARRO

Synergistic biodynamic farmer and founder of Plantaromed.
Dedicated to the recovery and cultivation of ancient peasant seeds, Alonsi is a passionate and great collector of auxiliary, medicinal, and culinary plants.
In the workshop “Sow your ancient seed”, the whole family will be able to participate in a master class on ancient seeds and take away some planted seeds. It is recommended to bring yogurt cups, flowerpots or small containers to sow, here we offer you the soil and the old seed.

Plantaromed is a synergic-biodynamic agriculture project” promoted by ALONSO NAVARRO, research farmer.

The farm where “el Viso de los Romeros” works is located in the Biosphere Reserve “Sierra de las Nieves”, between the towns of Alozaina and Yunquera (Málaga) where he started his activity almost 20 years ago with his partner.

The cultivation methods practiced on the farm have evolved from traditional to organic farming, to synergistic agriculture and finally to biodynamics. It has been, as Alonsi says, a natural progression, fruit of our passion for nature.

Alonsi’s project is developed with a deep research work with the soil, with seeds and plants, where we study how to create our own inputs, how certain plants can cure other plants and other people, or influence the properties of crops (aromas, flavour, nutrients, etc …).

17:00 WORKSHOP: Contemporary Dance with Valentina

A hip hop and contemporary dancer, Valentina has studied and taught contemporary dance in different countries around the world such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, New Zealand, Senegal, etc. where she has had the opportunity to discover different perceptions of the body and representations of the dances.

Lately she is studying contemporary African dance techniques, as well as laban technique.

The workshop proposed by Valentina for this festival is focused on body expression and is adapted for children/young people of all levels.

The idea is to teach you some exercises used in contemporary dance through play, and to create a small coegraphy.

18:00 Talking-circle: Gaia Infant and Primary Education Project. Network of Gaia Schools in the World with Rakel

A permaculture woman, anthropologist, journalist, passionate about vegan cooking and, above all, MAMÁ, is the initiator of the educational project ECOCOmUNIDAD GAIA which moves next academic year 2019/20 to Cortijo Nidolea in Caleta de Vélez in its second year of life.
After more than 10 years of studying and travelling for many years, she has been co-creating an ecovillage project – with her partner Daniel and a large network of local, national and international collaborators and interested people – in the Axarquia of Malaga where the care of the environment – ecological restoration, reforestation, land regeneration and water retention – and of people, as well as their interrelation, are the main protagonists.

18:00 WORKSHOP Musical: My Poop

With lots of play and fun we will discover the permacultural nutrition cicle of humans: Beginning with the Poop to compost, how seeds take up nutrition from it and absorbing the sun beams converting it to sugars sharing it with microoranisms and insects… till we eat a nutriens dense healthy fruit! And Poop again!
As the title obiously shows, this musical is made for our little ones.
It will be very participative with theatre, music and play.

Andrés and Daniel, two musicians and permaculturists will guide this adventure for childrens and parents.


19:00 WORKSHOP: Singing Circle

Fares is a French natural health professional, singer and songwriter of singing circles.

During this tallet the artist invites us to create songs with as much spontaneity as possible, in a very simple way, in order to compose a music and make it evolve. All this, a capella.

The public will participate in this wonderful common creativity and will be filled with energy and joy. This will have a positive effect on salud?

20:00 WORKSHOP: Dance Circle with Lisa

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