? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

!!!? OPENING CEREMONY ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????!!!?

?Join us today December 1st for our opening ceremony at 8pm.

?You will be able to meet the summit team, its program and participate in the ???? ??????? raffle and enjoy ??????????? way all the keynotes and bonuses.?

?We will have the wonderful presentation of ??????? ?????? ?who will sing live and delight with the inspiring message of his songs that sensitize and connect with life from a more emotional and affective❤️, message that shows that it is a vital time to change our way of inhabiting the earth because we have to be guardians of life for future generations. ??

?¡Remember! In the ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????, from the hand of 29 experts, you can learn the key tools that will facilitate this path back to the field.

?¡Enjoy it!
?From ? to ?th December

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A great opportunity to believe in your momentum and generate synergies!

? *Do you dream of leaving the city and moving to the country?

From Semilla Monte Alegre, where we are also part of the change and participate in this beautiful initiative, we encourage you to join the network and take a look at the

? summit back to the field:
reconnecting with nature, returning to ourselves.?

✨Let yourself be inspired by this virtual event in which we participate *29 experts and Wizards of Change who have already walked this path* and we will share with you the best knowledge, tools and tips to follow your ? , overcome possible blocks, follow the signs, find the synergies and *discover the step by step* that will lead you to fulfill your dream.

? *December 2 to 8*.
?totally free of charge

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?Share so that more of us will be inspired to take steps to fulfill the dream of living in the countryside:

Alternativas educativas en zonas rurales

We look forward to seeing you at this special event where you can learn about inspiring initiatives from Spain and South America that will confirm that your dream is possible.

Our Gaia Learning Community has been selected to share its experience in this international summit.  The return to the countryside is a process that, as we see, after the Pandemic is happening more consciously among large sectors of the population that yearn for a lifestyle more in harmony with their values, reconnection with Nature, peace and tranquility, and that, when we have children, we have considered more than once.

Many of us feel, as a result of becoming parents, that we have no choice but to be consistent with the lifestyle and values we want to instill in them.

Our children and great teachers help us to reconnect with the source and move mountains if necessary, to take the step. The union in this sense with initiatives and human beings in the same search that want to co-responsible for the education of their children and are aware of the role of referents that we have while we accompany them in this stage, is a guarantee of success and co-creation of the collective experience that we want to live and offer them.

Come and see how other initiatives are being organized

Un regalo para toda la vida!!

In this brief presentation you can see some impressions of our 3 years of journey covering educational and social needs of our children in tribe and community Gaia.

We are currently shaping an educational cooperative of mapadres (mothers and fathers) more focused on what we want with the intention of creating a free educational project that covers the entire period of compulsory schooling. In the great process of joining many of us to a holistic life project with a free school + ecovillage where we can share life projects in a place of our own.


¿Te resuena? ¿te animas a conocernos?

And you? will you join or move close to where the new educational project that is being developed these months will be located to start in 2023 in a space without limits to development, creativity and individual and group growth in a tribe of mutual support.

Can you support us with a donation?

ES56 3058 0769 4427 2002 7693
Recipient: Semilla Monte Alegre Association
Concept: donation educational project


Click on the following link to sign up for free and get this great gift!!!

Write us if you want to know more about us by email to:



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