“Building the future we want to leave in ecoheritage to our future generations, co-creating it
from Now “.


Dear tribe?

We make this call from Semilla Monte Alegre and the pioneer tribe of IKI-GAIA because we are
open to more co-founders/co-dreamers and co-creators of the IKI-GAIA project.

On our way to the recuperation of our sovereignties in a Healing biotope.If you feel that we have very similar dreams that can be complementary and, giving eachother
feedback in these times we are living in, which would very beneficial for both parties to move
forward with our life projects and missions, do not hesitate to contact us, as the time has
come: . To read more about the proposal click here.


With joy we announce and welcome you to the first open day meeting of the IKI-GAIA ecovillage of the fall where we invite you to come (and / or see us again), to study together this opportunity that is presented to us and we do not want to miss!!!… because it is about co- creating and investing in our future now!!!

You will have the opportunity to learn about our educational community project GAIA that wants to grow into an educational cooperative and the manifestation of our great dream and life journey: the ecovillage IKIGAIA. In addition, you will learn about the opportunities and great advantages that we offer to co-founders of the project who bet on IKI-GAIA in this phase prior to the signing of the purchase of the place! Process that we want to carry out after this event with your granite of love and confidence!!!

Logically, once the property is acquired and we add value to the infrastructures and offers of the project, participating in IKI-GAIA will have a considerably higher cost. Therefore, we invite you to take a few minutes to review all the material we have published on the web and we have been sending you (if you are member) and to feel where you want to project yourself and where you want to contribute your grain of sand at this point of time.


If you are not yet a member and want to approach our project and / or participate in this or any intimate day of those we organize once a month, click on the following link to understand how the process works.


For those of you who cannot/want to actively participate in the initial phase prior to the opening of the campsite (estimated in 2023) or need more time to physically join the project, we invite you to ask us for more information about a new option we have designed for this profile that we see wants to, but needs more time to join.

We have developed this tailor-made option, due to the great demand that exists for people who need 1/2/3 years to close jobs, sell house, close other stages…

This option of 0 risk in case that for some reason beyond our control, the acquisition of the land or the opening of the campsite does not materialize is a unique opportunity because you would only have to wait 3 years to recover your/your deposit, if for some reason you do not want to continue with the project. While your betting on your own dream here at IKI-GAIA and with us now helps us to take the step we need to take without having to knock on the door of banks. For more information, see post on our websiteweb

A great opportunity to start projecting yourselves with us from now on! …integrating each dream and respecting each rhythm and individuality!!!

Click on the following link to see the DETAILS of the OCTOBER EVENTenlace para ver los DETALLES del EVENTO de OCTUBRE

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