Inicia la colaboración a tu ritmo y aprende a tragozar con un modelo de gobernanza sociocrático


Participate and put your gifts and talents at the service of an innovative educational project inspired by free schools, forest schools and other active pedagogies that focuses on the development of the gifts and talents of children from the respect for oneself, others and our mother Gaia.

This 4th year, we want to grow as a cooperative of parents and gather more resources to create the best conditions for the physical, psychological and spiritual development of our children and the whole school community.

They will undoubtedly be the ones in charge of finding the solutions to the problems we will face as humanity and planet in the FUTURE!

We have the responsibility to be the best references, to live in coherence with our principles and to protect them from so many senseless things.

Will you join the challenge of building NOW the best little school in the world integrated in a Healing Biotope? Welcome professionals of the sector with the desire to promote the new educational paradigm.

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This situation and the unleashed systemic crisis has reconfirmed that we were on the right path! There are more and more beings returning to the land and eager to recover our food and energy sovereignty in rural areas. We are overflowing with work! The demand for our services as permaculturists continues to grow! Do you dare to train in a profession of the future?

Fulfilled the 7 years of this cycle leading Permaculture projects and advising many families, projects and associations / companies in the area on the management of natural resources, gardens and edible forests, water harvesting, etc., we open horizons to give shape to the Permaculture Academy projected in the space where we will start our ecovillage IKI-GAIA. Would you like to learn about this holistic science that offers us permanent solutions to the challenges we face at a very low cost?


With a wonderful engine group gathering the 2nd ecosample to move forward with the purchase of the great land for the ecovillage that will host the dreams of so many beings, we realize that we need a little push to accelerate the materialization of our holistic project. Would you like to help us to find ways?

The trailer of our crowdfunding video is about to be released and we are looking for people who would like to join this team to boost the campaign, as well as explore more ways of funding that allow us to dedicate ourselves to build the ecovillage focused on what it touches, so that all generations can, as soon as possible, return to live in harmony and close the cycle from birth to old age.

If you move in the world of investments and abundance, you want to invest part of your savings in a life project that welcomes you, or you simply want to support this model of society, do not hesitate to contact us!


Are you passionate about organizing events, courses, offering face-to-face and/or online training? From September we start again with webinars, face-to-face meetings, and we want to launch an online platform to give impetus and share all our knowledge, gifts and talents, inspire each other and continue learning.

From the platform promoted by our association GAIA-VESAD "for a healthy and dignified life and education" we want to promote the new educational paradigm that is making its way. Through a holistic educational platform of the new humanity, we want to cover the learning needs of all generations, and offer tools to educators and parents who educate at home or in small educational projects with fewer resources.

Graphic designers, computer scientists, programmers, communicators, and all kinds of support in advertising and network management, marketing, logistics, cooking, animation, etc. are welcome.


Although the farm has already renovated infrastructure to start with some projects from minute 0 (school, bakery, tourist accommodation, etc., we have many square meters built to be renovated and a unique bioclimatic camping project very ambitious that encompasses the entire surface of the land and where we are working on the holistic design.

For this, we need to expand the multidisciplinary team of collaborators (permaculturists, biobuilders, engineers, architects, site managers, etc.) who would like to try and project themselves in our ecovillage and/or contribute in this design and planning phase, learn and develop professionally in this area that will generate many jobs as soon as the implementation phase begins.

"Learning beim doing". While the permits and funds for the implementation of the official construction of the campsite arrive, there is a lot to be done and we will be financing them through courses and events bringing experts in the field that will teach us.

From collaborator to ecovillager

Initiate collaboration and open yourself to a world of possibilities.

Occasional collaborations

Start collaborating in a working circle of the project to feel, co-create and get closer to the project and meet the human group that is driving it.
Forma parte del equipo comprometido del proyecto participando en el programa de capacitación y desarrollo individual y grupal y opta a un puesto de tragozo

Permanent collaborator

Become part of the committed project team by participating in the individual and group training and development program and apply for a trainee position.

Entrepreneurship and work

Start and/or access a paid work position with us once you have contributed 600h of voluntary work to the project.

Stable members ("IKIGAIAKIS")

After 1 year of real coexistence with us and having completed your financial contribution as a member, apply to become a stable member of the project.

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